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Food & Hygiene

Food & Hygiene

Goodway Benelux supplies innovative equipment for Food and High-Care environments. For both cleaning and disinfection applications. But also for sealing the soles of visitors' shoes.

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Equipment we offer distinguishes itself from all other products on the market, because it is very effective, safe and easy to use. The equipment is fully patented and designed to achieve maximum efficiency with the customer. We specialize:

  • Disinfection & Disinfection
  • (Dry) Steam Cleaning
  • Tube cleaning
  • Shoe Soles Seal Systems


  1. Disinfection and disinfection: Goodway's latest Biospray Systems apply special cleaning agent by means of CO2 completely wirelessly to (water-sensitive) surfaces within your high-care environment. To decontaminate it within 60 seconds.
  2. (Dry) Steam Cleaning: With Goodway dry steam cleaners you can clean and disinfect certain areas quickly and effectively, without too much water, without chemicals. All this at 140+ degrees with 5% moisture content. 3. Pipe cleaning: For cleaning clogged or heavily contaminated pipe systems Goodway Benelux offers innovative equipment to quickly get them clean and operational again. A good example is caked milk powder or dried flour in a transport line.
  3. Shoe Soles Seal Systems: With these new systems you can seal a pair of shoes within 10 seconds, for example when you enter a production area. All this without physically having to bend down to put on shoe soles. Completely autonomous!