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Air Conditioning Cleaning Package (Cassette Systems)
Air Conditioning Cleaning Package (Cassette Systems)

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Air Conditioning Cleaning Package (Cassette Systems)

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Complete air conditioning cleaning package for cassette systems. Contains a cleaning machine, accessories and detergent. Perfect for professional cleaning and maintenance.

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Complete Airco Cleaning Package (Cassette Systems)

This complete package has been specially compiled for professional cleaning and maintenance of cassette models of air conditioning systems up to 120 centimetres wide. This package contains all necessary products and accessories for cleaning. Below you will find a short overview:

  1. CJ-125 airco cleaning system with 3 meter hose.
  2. SC-CB collection bag for cassette models up to 120 centimetres wide.
  3. CJ-MSB-ACC-KIT accessory pack with all necessary nozzles and tools.
  4. 4 x 3.8 litre detergent to clean and degrease air conditioners.
  5. (OPTIONAL) Cassette Stand to mount the SC-CB collection bag. (recommended)

Optional: By clicking on the extra option ''add extra battery'' you will receive an extra battery. This is recommended, because you do not want to come to a standstill during work, due to an empty battery.

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