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Speedclean Airco Cleaning System (Battery)
Airco Cleaning System (Battery)

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Airco Cleaning System (Battery)

Brand: Speedclean
Article number: CJ-125
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The CJ-125 is a battery-operated Airco Cleaning System and has both a water and detergent tank. This allows you to clean air conditioners at 9 bar low pressure, without a water or power supply.

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What is the CoilJet CJ-125?

The CoilJet CJ-125 is the most innovative and simplest machine on the market when it comes to cleaning air conditioning systems in homes, office buildings, hotels and so on. An unparalleled cleaning effect is achieved through the combination of water and cleaning agent. It completely passes old cleaning methods like; compressed air and/or brushes. The CJ-125 sprays water and chemical through the coils with a power of 9 bar and 2.3 liters per minute. All viruses, bacteria and fungi are therefore immediately removed. And the most important thing; the coil is not only clean from the top, but also from the inside.

The CoilJet separates itself from other units because the system has an integrated water tank and battery. This means you can also clean at locations without water connections or electricity. You can also clean HVAC systems that are located in hard-to-reach places, because it is a compact system. Cleaning "tight spaces" also becomes a simple job when you connect the "Wonder Wand".

The battery can be used all day with normal use. By that we mean spraying for a moment, then viewing and so on. If the spraying is constant (without stopping), the battery can last approximately 2/3 hours.

Technical data & application areas.

  • Cleaning at 9 bar with a water flow of 2.3 Ltr / min.
  • Water tank 12.7 liters.
  • Chemical tank 1.6 Liter.
  • 12A, 12V rechargeable battery.
  • 10 KG net weight. (Dry)

The unit can be used for almost any (smaller) cooling and heat technical installation. Both the inside and outside units! Of course, the unit also has common application areas, such as:

  • Heat pumps
  • Outdoor and indoor units. (Air conditioners / split units)
  • Radiators for cars, tractors, aggregates and other commercial vehicles & shipping.
  • Oil coolers.
  • Condensers. (Smaller units)

In short, the CJ-125 is an innovative and easy way to clean your air conditioning system, effectively. The unit is also very suitable for micro channels.

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Article number:CJ-125
Dimensions:60 x 40 x 60
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