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Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air Handling Units (AHU)

Air handling systems ensure cooling/heating and optimized hygiene of your building. These can become contaminated with microorganisms. Goodway offers innovative solutions to clean the coils within the AHU.

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Air Handling Units (AHU) Cleaning

Business premises, government and/or health care institutions are often equipped with refrigeration and/or heat technical systems (air handling units) to regulate the temperature and optimize hygiene.

In practice, however, it is not inconceivable that the opposite is achieved (Sick Building Syndrome, SBS). As a result of the combination of condensation, persistent contamination (by air flow) and a certain temperature, it is possible that cooling and/or heat technical systems become a permanent source of infection due to the growth of microorganisms.

The presence of microorganisms increases the risk of creating an unhygienic environment. In addition, microorganisms attack metals which reduces the life span and capacity of the installation.