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Heat Pumps

Heat Pumps

Goodway Benelux supplies specialist cleaning and maintenance equipment for heat pumps. Combine a low-pressure water spray with cleaning agent for the best cleaning results.

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Cleaning of Heat Pumps

The outdoor unit of a heat pump installation plays an important role in the process. When it is (heavily) polluted, the efficiency of the complete system can be greatly reduced. Often this is caused by atmospheric pollution in the air. Think of biological deposits in the form of insects, another good example is pollen in the air.

Because the unit constantly sucks in air, everything that is present in the air will also be sucked in. Often after some time a thick layer of pollution will form on the coils. As a result, the airflow is greatly reduced and the unit can no longer provide an optimal heat transition. This benefits the overall efficiency. In the end, this also leads to a higher energy bill, because the unit has to run more and longer to achieve the same result.

With a low pressure cleaning pump from Speedclean you can quickly and easily flush and clean the finned block. This removes the layer of dirt that is both on and in the block. This will return the airflow and thus the heat transfer back to normal.