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Split Airco Systems

Split Airco Systems

Air conditioning systems can become a source of bacteria, fungi and viruses without proper cleaning. These are blown through the air daily. With Speedclean you can clean these systems effectively, correctly and professionally.

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Air Conditioning Systems Cleaning

The cleaning of air conditioning systems is not only very important for the indoor climate, but also for optimal efficiency, which ultimately results in a lower energy bill.

With Speedclean you can clean both parts of an air conditioning system. For indoor units it is especially important that the coil is properly cleaned, so that no bacteria, viruses or moulds are present or continue to spread. This results in a healthy indoor climate.

For outdoor units it is especially important to keep the coil open as well for optimal airflow. In other words a better heat transition. Which results in a better efficiency of the system.

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Why is Speedclean the solution?

The problem is this: an air conditioning system creates a heat transition, making it cool or warm inside. This happens in the coil itself, behind the cover. This is where the real pollution is, think of: fungi, viruses, bacteria, allergens and much more. By just cleaning out the filter this pollution is not removed. Because of this, an air conditioner often continues to function badly and will constantly give these viruses a place to grow and spread.

Speedclean uses water and detergent which is sprayed on the coils with a special portable pump with 9 bar (or more) pressure and 2.5 liters per minute. The coiljet is powerful enough to flush the entire block and remove the contamination, but not strong enough to damage the fins.

The mix of our alkaline detergent actually removes or kills the dirt. The CoilJet machines from Speedclean are very handy and available in different models. For example, some machines have a battery so you can work anywhere, even without power! There are also more powerful machines that run on mains power.