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Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Plate Heat Exchangers (PHE)

Plate heat exchangers (PHE's) can, depending on the time, become polluted by, among other things, lime and/or biological deposits. This reduces the flow and the heat transition, which reduces the efficiency. Prevent this with Goodway CIP flushing systems

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Plate Heat Exchangers Cleaning (PHE - CIP)

Plate heat exchangers are often disassembled and cleaned with high pressure. This is a costly and lengthy process. In some cases this is not necessary, if for example lighter lime scale is present, this can also be cleaned with a chemical pump (CIP = Clean In Place).

CIP is a simple way to connect a chemical pump to the plate heat exchanger. In a dense circular circuit, the chemical detergent is pumped around. This will react with the contamination and eventually remove it. As a result, the unit will function optimally again.

There is no need to disassemble, no high pressure is required and the unit can remain on site with virtually no disassembly work. This saves a lot of time, cost and labor. In addition, the plate heat exchanger can be put back into operation faster.

Plate heat-exchanger still needs disassembly

If the plate heat exchanger has too much internal contamination, it is not always possible or efficient to perform a chemical CIP. In that case, it will have to be disassembled and the plates will also have to be sprayed/cleaned off individually.

A high-pressure unit is often used for this, but this is not the right choice. If the pressure is too high, the plates can be damaged and have small hairline cracks. This can lead to various problems such as leakages during operation.

Goodway's low pressure cleaning system (CC-400HF) brings a better cleaning effect, because it combines a low pressure (30 Bar) spray with a high flow (12 LPM). This makes it an excellent device for cleaning the plates. Due to the low pressure you do not have to worry about damaging the plates during cleaning. While the high flow provides the same or even better cleaning effect than traditional high pressure systems.