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Air-Cooled Condensers

Air-Cooled Condensers

Air-cooled condensers often suffer from atmospheric pollution on the coils. This prevents the air flow and therefore the efficiency drops. By cleaning these coils properly, you will continue to be efficient and smart with your system.

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Air-cooled condensers Cleaning (Coils)

Air-cooled condensers have coils which need to be cleaned regularly. When it is full of atmospheric pollution, the airflow will drop greatly. As a result, the system has to operate more and harder to achieve the same results. This not only increases the energy consumption, but also shortens the lifespan of the system.

High pressure cleaning systems are often used to clean, while this is not the right choice. When working with high pressure, the chance of flattening the coils is much higher. In addition, the low water flow is not enough to ensure optimal rinsing of the system.

Goodway's cleaning systems offer a low pressure (+-30 BAR) with a flow of 12 litres/minute. This makes it very unlikely that any fins will be flattened. Furthermore, there is enough water available to flush the coils properly.

Cleaning without disassembling fans

One of the main advantages of Goodway equipment is that Air-cooled condensers can be cleaned from inside to outside as well as outside to inside. This can be done by using the 90 degree lances. These can be pushed through the fans. Without disassembling them. This not only saves an enormous amount of time and labor, but also in safety for the cleaning operators.