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Refrigerating Furniture

Refrigerating Furniture

Refrigerating Furniture has the important task of (often) keeping food cool. Unfortunately, there is often serious pollution in these cooling systems. This creates the chance that bacteria, viruses and fungi are easily spread on the food.

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Refrigerating Furniture Cleaning (Coils)

Refrigerating furniture is often maintained in a minimalist way, especially the coils. This makes it a breeding ground for various bacteria, fungi and viruses. This is then dispersed in the refrigerator, so that packaging or even products can be contaminated with these germs.

By cleaning the coils correctly, the chance of contamination will be greatly reduced. In addition, the heat transfer will be much better, so the energy consumption of the cooling unit will also strongly decrease. Correct cleaning will therefore increase the air quality and the efficiency of the system.

Contaminated refrigeration cabinet:

Cleaned refrigeration cabinet with the CC-200: