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Heat Exchangers > 1000 Tubes

Heat Exchangers > 1000 Tubes

Heat Exchangers from 1000 tubes and more are somewhat larger systems that require faster cleaning and maintenance methods. Here projectiles are often used, which are shot through the tubes at low pressure.

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More information about Pneumatic/Hydrostatic Cleaning

Cleaning of larger heat exchangers and condensers is often carried out using a pneumatic or hydrostatic method. Projectiles are shot through the pipes at low pressure. These are shot rapidly through the tubes, within a matter of seconds, regardless of the length of the pipes.

Pneumatic vs Hydrostatic

Both methods offer the same solution; shooting through special projectiles. However, there are a lot of differences between the systems themselves.

  • Pneumatic. This is performed with the QS-300 Quick Shot. This is a gun that works 90% on compressed air and 10% on water. This allows it to build up pressure, in order to quickly blow the projectiles through. This method can only be used for the standard tube scrubbers and coil brushes.

More information about the pneumatic system can be found here:

  • Hydrostatic. This is a 100% water driven system (BFP), which allows projectiles to be shot through the pipes with great force. This method is much more effective and offers more water, making tubes cleaner. With this method all projectiles can be shot through.

More information about the hydrostatic system can be found here: