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Pneumatic Cleaning

Pneumatic Cleaning

Pneumatic boiler cleaning equipment is the most innovative equipment to clean medium to large boilers. By using the fully automatic Putzmaus System, you work quickly, effectively and with as little effort as possible.

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Pneumatic Boiler Fire Tubes Cleaning

Putzmaus systems are designed to clean boiler firetubes quickly and effectively. It is a pulsating cleaning technique, allowing the putzmaus to move itself back and forth through the tube. This is therefore very beneficial for the operator, as virtually no effort is required.

In addition, a pulsating movement means that the cleaning effect is slightly less with strong pollution. That is why this method is explicitly used for regular maintenance/cleaning. In this way you also maintain the optimal condition for your boiler installation.

In case you have a heavily polluted boiler, we advise to first clean the tubes with a mechanical cleaning method.