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Oil Coolers (Shell & Tube)

Oil Coolers (Shell & Tube)

Oil coolers play an important role in various applications where process cooling is required. It is therefore important to clean these systems correctly and preventively. This can be done by means of Goodway's low-pressure, rotating brushing technique.

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Oil Coolers (Shell & Tube) - Cleaning and Maintenance

Oil coolers play a vital role in various industrial processes where cooling is required. For example, hydraulic systems can continue to function correctly, without being damaged by means of a too high temperature. In addition, a properly functioning oil cooler will ensure a longer lifespan of the oil.

Rotating Cleaning

For smaller oil coolers with no more than 1000 tubes, the mechanical method is very interesting. Mechanical cleaning with a brush system is one of the most effective methods for cleaning (smaller) tube bundles. By this we mean cleaning the inside of the tubes by means of a rotating brush method. The concept is simple, a tube cleaning system powers a flexible shaft, which then rotates a brush.

Due to the rotating action of the brush, there is continuous friction on the tube wall, which will cause the pollution to quickly come off. In combination with a water flush, the pollution is flushed away immediately. The water also acts as cooling for the internal core of the flexible shaft, so that the outer mantle does not heat up.

Application and Usage

In principle, the tube cleaning systems can all be used from an internal tube diameter of 7,0 millimeters. Everything above is no problem. Please note that more accessories will be required for various internal diameters. This is because different diameters of brushes and shafts are available, to be able to clean any diameter of tube.

  • Can be used from an internal tube diameter of 7,0 millimeter and up!
  • Can be used for any length - just a matter of the right accessories.
  • Brushes available in various materials including; nylon, brass, stainless steel etc.