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Goodway AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (Heavy Duty)
AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (Heavy Duty)

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AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (Heavy Duty)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: AWT-100X
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The AWT-100X is Goodway's most powerful Tube Cleaner. With a variable speed (500-3000 RPM) and engine power up to 4 HP, this machine is extremely suitable for the most heavy Tube Cleaning projects. For both dry and wet cleaning.

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Introduction AWT-100X

The AWT-100X is by far the strongest Tube Cleaning machine in the Goodway arsenal. With an engine power of up to 4 HP, it can be used for the most severe cleaning projects. The AWT-100X also has the possibility to adjust the RPM between 500 and 3000 RPM. This is very convenient, because the machine can be adjusted to the level of difficulty of a cleaning project with just 1 turn of the hand. With the help of a Heavy-Duty Dolly the system can easily be moved.

That is why the AWT-100X is used in practice for a wide range of projects. Below are a number of examples:


In combination with the right tools, this machine is capable of removing heavy pollution from pipe bundles and other piping systems, without the use of water (is also possible with water). For example, the AWT-100X is used by various (food) companies to remove caked milk and flour powder from pipes. This in combination with the black flexible shafts (dry cleaning). Spider Brushes and our Heavy Duty tools are most commonly used for this type of dry cleaning projects. Below 2 practical examples, where these tools have been used:

In the video below, one of our customers uses a Rotary Tube Cleaning machine, together with a flexible shaft and SGB brushes, to clean a highly contaminated heat exchanger. The result speaks for itself:

Methodology Mechanical Cleaning

The method of mechanical cleaning always consists of at least (1) a machine, (2) a flexible shaft and (3) a brush or HD tool. Below is a short video, where the method is explained by us. Note that water is used here, because in this case we are mainly concerned with the methodology. Whether you clean dry or with water, the principle of mechanical cleaning always remains the same.

Combi Deals/Product Bundles

In the field of dry cleaning processes the method always consists of at least (1) a Tube Cleaning machine, (2) a black flexible shaft and (3) a Heavy Duty Tool or Spider Brush. On the right side of this page you can see a number of combi deals, where you can compose your own product set based on your installation(s). 

Both product bundles are standard sets, with the machine, flexible shaft (dry) and 2 of our most commonly used tools for dry cleaning. However, as these are often somewhat heavier projects, we do advise you to contact us so that we can personally send you the right tools. However, it can steer you in the right direction.

Specifications AWT-100X

Engine power: Maximum 4 HP (3 kW)
Certification: CE / ARBO (VA) / Compressed air standards
Engine Speed: 500 - 3000 RPM (Variable Speed)
Direction of rotation: Clockwise rotation only
Air requirements:

Minimum 5 BAR - 3,0 m3/min air

Maximum 7 BAR - 3.6 m3/min air

Dimensions (cm): 43 x 51 x 94 (length x width x height)
Weight: 25 KG (54 lbs)

Alternative Tube Cleaners

Within the mechanical tube cleaning line, a distinction can be made between electric and pneumatic drive machines. The AWT-100X is a pneumatic machine, there is 1 alternative: AWT-100. Very compact system, also a bit cheaper. With an engine power of 1 HP still a powerful Tube Cleaner. Also has a variable speed. Is not movable, but the AWT-100 weighs only 13 KG, so is still easy to move.

If you prefer an electric Tube Cleaner, there are several options. The machines that come closest to the AWT-100X in terms of power and features are our RAM-4 series:

Apart from the power there are few other big differences in the RAM-4 series. We often see that the RAM-4 is also used for wet cleaning projects in more than 50% of the cases. Think of cleaning condensers on ships. The RAM-4X and RAM-4X-2, on the other hand, are mainly used for boiler cleaning and such dry projects, due to the extra power of the Tube Cleaning machine. All 3 machines have a strong dolly (mobile) and a fixed speed.

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice on a Tube Cleaning machine or project, you can always contact us via [email protected]or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:AWT-100X
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Plus points of this system:
Up to 4 HP Power - Most Powerful Tube Cleaner
Variable Speed 500 - 3000 RPM
Can work with or without water
Heavy Duty Dolly for easy transport
Uses +3 m3/min of air
AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (Heavy Duty) + Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning) + Flex Hub Tools
AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (Heavy Duty) + Flexible Shafts (Dry Cleaning) + Spider Brush Orange Nylon