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Goodway BFP Big Shot System
BFP Big Shot System

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BFP Big Shot System

Brand: Goodway
Article number: BFP-3510-380-R1
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The BFP Big Shot System is a kinetic-hydrostatic device developed to shoot different types of projectiles through tube bundles. Perfect for large condensers and other types of heat exchangers.

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Low pressure cleaning of heat exchanger tubes

The BFP Big Shot System has been specially developed to shoot various types of projectiles at low pressure through tube bundles. For this, the system uses a kinetic-hydrostatic technology, which allows projectiles to be shot through tubes safely and effectively. The BFP Big Shot combines 132 litres/minute of flow with a low pressure of 28 BAR.

The system only uses the power of the water to shoot the projectiles through the tubes. Due to the power of the system it is possible to use all types of Goodway projectiles. Both the lightest polyethylene tube scrubbers, as well as the hardest carbon steel super scrubbers to remove scale deposits.

Applications within the industry

Nearly all types of heat exchangers can be cleaned with the BFP Big Shot System and projectiles, some examples:

The BFP system can be used for light to hard deposits. These could be sludge and/or algae in the condensers of power plants, but also hard scale formation in process heat exchangers.

Caution: A projectile cleaning will not be effective for tube bundles with extremely hard deposits, where ultra high pressure cleaning (2500+ bar) is required. However, the projectiles can be utilized here as a 2nd cleaning, if there are still some deposits left after the initial high pressure cleaning.

High safety

Projectile tube cleaning is considered one of the safest technologies for cleaning heat exchangers. Not only for the operators, but also for the equipment itself. There are no high pressures present, so there is no risk of injury for the operator. In addition, the chance of projectiles damaging tubes is virtually zero, provided they are correctly selected. High pressure on a tube however, can cause damage in the form of leakage and/or reduced wall thickness.

Moreover, the BFP Big Shot System uses a kinetic-hydrostatic cleaning technology. This means that the projectiles lose almost all their energy when they shoot out of the tubes. This means that the chance of damage from projectiles coming out of the tubes is also virtually zero. A simple safety net, such as the QSP-1212 mesh tarp, is more than enough to safely and effectively catch the projectiles.

Specifications BFP Big Shot System

Motor power: Electric 10 HP (7.5kW)
Certifications: CE / ARBO (VA) / NEN3140
Input power: 380V / 50 Hz (12 Ampère) - other options available
Water output: 132 LPM / 28 BAR
Water input: Minimum 132 LPM / 1,4 - 4,8 BAR
Waterhose(s) output: 19 mm diameter / 15.2 meters long (1 or 2)
Waterhose input: 38 mm diameter / 15.2 meters long
Dimensions: 132 x 81 x 46 (length x width x height)
Weight: 272 KG (600 lbs)


Advantages of projectile tube cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance with projectiles can offer many advantages over traditional methods. Take a look at the biggest advantages below:

  • Speed. Time saving in projectile cleaning is the biggest advantage. Tubes can be shot through with projectiles within seconds, regardless of their length. With 2 operators you can clean approximately 750/1000 tubes per hour depending on the right conditions. That's faster than any method available. Projectile tube cleaning allows for an overal shorter downtime.
  • Cost reduction. Projectiles are relatively inexpensive and can be reused, so the cost per cleaning is much less than, for example, with high pressure. In addition, the risk of damage to the tubes is virtually nil. This excludes future costs for replacement or repair.
  • Safety. Projectiles are shot at low pressure. This is not only safer for the operators, but also for the system itself. Tubes are not exposed to high pressures internally, as with high pressure cleaning.
  • Water consumption. Projectiles are shot through the tubes within seconds. The actual water consumption per tube being cleaned is therefore very low compared to alternative cleaning methods.

Expert advice

The BFP Big Shot System can be supplied in a 1-reel or 2-reel edition. This indicates how many outgoing water hoses are mounted on the system. In principle, the operators shoot the projectiles alternately and not at the same time. This is to prevent the outgoing flow and pressure from being divided by 2, resulting in a lower cleaning effect.

The 2-reel variant is used the most, because it is a faster system overall, since 2 operators can work together. For example, the first operator can pre-rinse and load the tubes with projectiles. The other operator can then shoot through all projectiles immediately. If in doubt which version is best for your application, you can always call/email or chat with our product experts.

Click on this link to take you to our customer service.

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Article number:BFP-3510-380-R1
average of 2 review(s)
By: Wijnand Guns – Cabot Rotterdam
Date: 01/08/2022

We were in need of a system for a last minute (urgent) projectile tube cleaning of our condenser. We rented the BFP system from Goodway Benelux and were able to pick it up immediately. After a short start-up, we were able to perform an effective and quick cleaning.

By: Eide Torgils - Eramet Titanium & Iron
Date: 02/05/2022

At our site we had problems with a titanium heat exchanger that was fully blocked with soft deposits. After having had contact with the experts of Goodway Benelux we came to the conclusion that the BFP system was the best solution to open and clean the tubes. The softer, plastic projectiles were selected to not cause any damages to the titanium material. After increasing the fuse size during initial startup we were able to perform the majority of the cleaning with the big shot, fast and easily. For the other tubes, we used a rotary tube cleaning system for a manual, precise cleaning. Resulted in good cooling. We will see for how long. The media particle content is quite high.

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