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Goodway BFP System Rental (Electric)
BFP System Rental (Electric)

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BFP System Rental (Electric)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: BFP-SYSTEM-1WR
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The BFP System works on the basis of kinetic-hydrostatic technology, in other words; 100% on water pressure. By combining an output of 130 liters/minute + 30 BAR working pressure, the system delivers excellent cleaning results.

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BFP System Electric - GWB Rental Solutions

Shooting through special projectiles at low pressure is increasingly being chosen by end customers and/or contractors. This method is very interesting when large tube bundles have to be cleaned quickly, effectively and safely. Think of large type heat exchangers / coolers with 1000+ tubes.

Deployment Cleaning Technology

Projectile cleaning is used in almost every type of industry. Over the years, more and more industries have included this in their (un)planned cleaning activities. Examples include:

  • Power plants (Nuclear and non-nuclear)
  • Petrochemistry (Oil & Gas)
  • Maritime (On board of large ships, including dredging)
  • Waste Processing Plants

The BFP system works on the basis of kinetic-hydrostatic technology. This technology is so effective and powerful that it is possible to shoot through all types of projectiles from Goodway. In addition, the high water flow provides an excellent rinsing effect. As a result, the tubes will be extra clean.

Type of projectiles

With the BFP system you can shoot various types of projectiles through the tubes. Which type you should use depends entirely on the system to be cleaned and deposits that have to be removed.

  • Tube Scrubbers: Inexpensive, polyethylene type scrubbers. Reusable and perfect for the removal of light pollution such as; algae, sludge and mud. (Often used in power plants)
  • Coil Brushes: Nylon type scrubbers with a stiffer design. Reusable up to 5x and perfect for removing light to medium deposits. Use these scrubbers to get an even better cleaning effect than the tube scrubbers. Coil brushes are manufactured to millimeter accuracy based on the internal diameter of the tubes.
  • Carbon Steel Scrapers (SSM): Goodway's strongest projectiles, made of carbon steel and up to 10x reusable. These scrubbers are manufactured to millimeter accuracy based on the internal diameter of the tubes. Perfect for removing hard deposits such as scaling.

BFP system requirements

When you deploy a BFP system, it is necessary to have the following things at hand:

  • 380V / 50Hz power supply
  • 130 liter/minute water supply
  • Small compressor for the BSL-50 guns

Scope of supply

When renting a BFP system, you will receive the following products/tools from GWB Rental Solutions:

  1. 1x BFP system
  2. 2x BSL-50 guns
  3. 1x Waterfilter
  4. 1x Watermeter
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Article number:BFP-SYSTEM-1WR
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