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Goodway Bi-Directionele Coil Brush 3''
Bi-Directionele Coil Brush 3''

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Bi-Directionele Coil Brush 3''

Brand: Goodway
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Bi-Directional Coil Brushes 3'' are larger and bring a number of advantages; they are faster to insert and clean even better than normal projectiles!

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Bi-Directional Coil Brush 3''

Bi-Directional Coil Brushes are twice as long as regular Coil Brushes, providing twice the cleaning effect. They are designed for cleaning light to medium deposits. BecauseBi-Directional Coil Brush 3''
they are bi-directional, the projectiles can be put in the pipe from both sides, which saves a lot of time. These projectiles are available for pipes from 20 to 36 millimetres. Custom sizes are available. Benefits Bi-Directional Coil Brushes:

  • Extra long - larger contact area.
  • Better cleaning effect.
  • Double input - lots of time savings.
  • Different sizes available on request.
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