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Goodway Biospray-5 Sanitation/Disinfection System
Biospray-5 Sanitation/Disinfection System

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Biospray-5 Sanitation/Disinfection System

Brand: Goodway
Article number: BIO-SPRAY-5-EU
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The BIOSPRAY®-5 ultra-portable surface sanitizer system is designed for on-the-go surface sanitizing and disinfection. The BIOSPRAY-5 uses no electricity and is powered by a lightweight 5lb CO2 tank.

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The Biospray-5 system is specifically designed for end users, such as store or gym owners. In addition, it is a very interesting product for companies that carry out disinfection/sanitization work on location. Because the Biospray-5 system is built into a heavy-duty, durable case, it is easy to transport.

CO2 Propulsion System

Biospray-5 uses a 2KG CO2 tank which is placed into the unit. The pressure of the CO2 converts the system into forward force to spray the disinfection agent. This eliminates the need for electricity or compressed air. This is not only extra safe, but also ensures that the system is completely wireless. As a result, the Biospray-5 can be used virtually anywhere.

Deployment of Biospray Systems

Biospray systems can be used almost everywhere where sanitization or disinfection is required. Thanks to the compact and durable design of the Biospray-5, this unit is most often used on location. This is because it is an easy to store and transport system. Some examples for applications are:

  • (Small) offices or spaces.
  • Gym equipment and/or changing rooms.
  • School desks, chairs and/or classrooms.
  • Animal enclosures such as zoos or breeding farms.

Benefits / Specifications BioSpray-5

The BioSpray-5 system offers many advantages in the field of sanitization and disinfection, such as:

  • Extremely durable system, easy to transport.
  • Uses CO2 as propulsion, extremely quiet and no cord/cables needed.
  • BioSpray D2 as a primary agent- read all the benefits here.
  • CE, ARBO (VA) certified and approved.
  • 3,0 (10') meter spray hose.
  • Fine spray gives large contact area - saves up to 50% in time.
  • 23 x 41 x 56 (lxwxh in cm) - 9 KG (18 lbs)
  • Operating pressure: 1.65 - 1.80 BAR (24-26 PSI)

Combination BioSpray-5 + BioSpray D2

The BioSpray-5 system is part of a two-part system. The other part is BioSpray D2. This is the sanitizer/disinfection agent that comes with the BioSpray. It is based on Isopropyl Alcohol, an excellent disinfectant with a volatile property. Because it works with Alcohol, it is naturally flammable. However, you use CO2 as a propellant, this is a natural refrigerant. Because of this unique cooperation, the fire risk for BioSpray D2 is neutralized.

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Article number:BIO-SPRAY-5-EU
Dimensions:23 x 41 x 56
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