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Mechanical Tube Cleaning

Mechanical Tube Cleaning

In this blog, you will read all the benefits of mechanical tube cleaning. We will explain the process, but also the advantages against other cleaning methods. Furthermore we will also explain the potential savings and/or risk decreases, when using mechanical cleaning equipment.

Mechanical Tube Cleaning of Condenser- and Chiller Tubes

Mechanical cleaning of an installation is one of the most common methods to clean a tube bundle internally. The concept is simple, a machine drives the flexible shaft, which in turn rotates a brush. Due to the rotating action of the brush, there is continuous friction on the tube and the deposits will quickly release. Due to the combination of a rotating brush and a water flush, the pollution is also flushed away immediately. The water furthermore acts as cooling for the internal galvanized, steel core of the flexible shaft. This way the nylon outer layer stays intact, even during usage.


The standard speed of Tube Cleaning Machines is 862.5 RPM. This is the ''sweet spot'' when it comes to cleaning. There are other systems which have variable, speeds, available. Watch the video below for a short explanation:



Advantages of mechanical tube cleaning:

This cleaning and maintenance method has some major advantages. The biggest ones are:


  • Minimum waste water during cleaning
  • Optimal cleaning effect, due to continuous friction.
  • Very cost effective due to (relatively) inexpensive materials
  • Highest safety, lowest risk of damages or injuries (both for the operator as well as the system)


Minimum Wastewater: Tube cleaning systems use just a little bit of water, because it is only used for cooling the shafts internal core and for flusing the deposits out of the tube. The brush is the main cleaning principle. Due to this fact, tube cleaning systems use very minimum amounts of water. When for instance compared to high pressure cleaning. 


Optimal cleaning effect: Tube cleaning brushes are matched for the tube inner diameter. Sometimes, they're even used in an oversized manner. Which allows for continuous friction with the tube. This is by far the best method for removing pollution on the tube wall(s). You can simplify and compare it to cleaning a car. A high pressure lance removes the deposits on the surface, but does not interact with the actual fouling which is deeper attached to the surface. Simply apply a brush and the deposits come off instantly. The same applies for mechanical tube cleaning.


Cost effective: A complete tube cleaning set-up / kit is not expensive when you look at the advantages, lifetime and decreased downtime. We offer tube cleaning kits starting from € 2500,00 and up. Depending on how much brushes, flexible shafts and accessories are needed. Still, the costs are extremely low, when compared to high pressure systems or trucks. Also, this equipment is very easy to use and can therefore also be used by internal staff. Removing the need for a third party to perform the cleaning. Which also saves in time, scheduling and costs. Hence the reason that end customers mostly choose for mechanical tube cleaning packages.


High safety: Because all of the equipment is designed to operate on low pressure, there is no risk of damaging the tubes internally or the operator. Which is often seen, when high pressure equipment is used with +200 bar pressure. High pressure can lead to serious damages and even leaks in the tube walls when not used carefully. This is often seen, when weaker tubes are cleaned, such as Cu/Ni materials. With this method, the only moving part is the brush, which has a rotating effect. This can not damage the system itself or the operator when used under normal circumstances.


You can count on Goodway Benelux's experts. They will always advice the right products based on your situation and materials of the equipment. That way, you know that you're always using the correct equipment.


Visit our Mechanical Tube Cleaning page for more information on the machines, accessories and further in-dept information and statistics. Also you can visit our page for complete packages here. Our experts have already created some completed kits, which you can use for your mechanical tube cleaning appliances.


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