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Boiler Cleaning (Pneumatic)

Boiler Cleaning (Pneumatic)

Pneumatic boiler cleaning equipment is the most innovative equipment to clean medium to large boilers. By using the fully automatic Putzmaus System, you work quickly, effectively and with as little effort as possible.
Boiler Cleaning (Pneumatic)

Introduction Pneumatic Boiler Cleaning

When a lot of boiler cleaning work has to be done, the Putzmaus System is used. This is one of the most innovative systems for cleaning boilers. Because it is a fully automatic cleaning system, large boilers can be cleaned at lightning speed with virtually no effort. This is all due to the operation of the system.

The Putzmaus System is driven by a compressed air connection. In combination with high quality stainless steel brushes, the boiler is perfectly cleaned. As a result, the efficiency will rise again and the boiler will once again generate an optimal yield. In this way, energy consumption and costs remain low.

Putzmaus Equipment

All the equipment you find on this page was/is produced by Putzmaus® Jäger Technik GmbH Austria. The manufacturer also holds the full patent on this.

Advantage Putzmaus

  • Fully automatic system - operator has virtually no effort on the job.
  • Very fast system that goes through the pipe automatically.
  • Complete system, everything is included in the Putzmaus package. (excl. compressor/exhaust)
  • Very light equipment and takes up almost no space.
  • Has a pulsating instead of rotating effect.
  • Virtually no training needed to use.
  • Can work both horizontally and vertically.

Furthermore, the Putzmaus is fitted with a vibration damper as standard, which is nice for the operator during longer jobs.

What's in the package?

When you purchase a Putzmaus System, you will always receive a complete package. This consists of the following parts/products:

  • Putzmaus System.
  • 3 brushes stainless steel (1 hard & 2 soft).
  • Pneumatic Oil.
  • Air hose for compressor.
  • Air hose for the Putzmaus (heat resistant up to 400 Celsius).
  • Filter/Lubrication unit for incoming air.
  • Various PPE's for the operator (e.g. gloves).

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