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Boiler Firetube Cleaning

Boiler Firetube Cleaning

The preventive cleaning of boiler (fire)tubes is very important to maintain good efficiency. Use Goodway's systems to perform these cleaning and maintenance activities as quickly and effectively as possible.

Boiler (fire)Tube Cleaning and Maintenance

Cleaning boiler (fire)tubes is a very important part of your cleaning and maintenance plan for a boiler installation. It is important to keep the (fire) tubes clean, so that a high efficiency of the boiler system can be maintained at all times. During the cleaning of the (inner) tubes, any deposits that are stuck to the tube walls will be removed. This increases heat transfer (less insulation) - which ultimately leads to a higher efficiency.

Goodway Benelux offers various methods to carry out these cleanings. Which method is best for your boiler installation depends on various factors. Of which the most important are:

  • Quantity of tubes to be cleaned.
  • Expected deposit and condition of the tubes. (Are there any blocked tubes?)
  • Length and inner diameter of the tubes.

Benefits Boiler Tube Cleaning

Timely and effective cleaning of your boiler installation leads to a stable, high efficiency of your system. This is not only more profitable, but also reduces costs and technical failures/shutdowns. The benefits of preventive cleaning of boiler (fire) tubes are enormous. Below you can find a selection of the most important advantages:

  • Increased efficiency - better heat transfer.
  • Optimal fuel consumption.
  • Less technical failures/shutdowns.
  • Due to the increased efficiency and lower costs, the ROI for a boiler cleaning system is often several months.

Two Methods of Boiler Tube Cleaning

Goodway Benelux offers 2 different methods to clean boiler (fire) tubes effectively and quickly. Both methods are different and are often used for different situations. This depends on the factors as described above.

Method 1 = Mechanical Cleaning (GOODWAY)

The mechanical cleaning of boiler (fire) tubes is a very effective method to clean boiler (fire) tubes. This method is based on the use of a tube cleaning machine, flexible shaft (various lengths) and brushes or heavy-duty cleaning tools. The machine powers a flexible shaft, which then rotates a brush in the tube. This method is very effective, because all kinds of different attachments can be used. This means that simple nylon brushes as well as heavy drill heads can be connected and used.

It is therefore possible to be able to clean both preventively and reactively. Preventive means cleaning within a certain time (often 3-6 weeks), so that the contamination can be removed in due time. Reactive cleaning is when a boiler installation is not properly maintained and suddenly shuts down. Often when the tubes need to be cleaned in that situation, they are usually (heavily) deposited and/or clogged. In that case, heavy-duty cleaning tools such as drill heads are required to get the tubes back in optimal condition.

Mechanical cleaning is completely manual, which means that an operator has to push and pull the flexible shaft through the tubes himself in order to be able to clean. Therefore, this method is not recommended for larger boiler installations with more than 100 tubes. That would simply be too tough for the operators. It would also be more time consuming, in this case we recommend the automatic PUTZMAUS system. (see method 2)

The tube cleaning machines are available in both pneumatic and electric variants. Our experts can advise you on the right system if required.

Method 2 = Automatic Cleaning (PUTZMAUS)

The automatic/pneumatic cleaning of boiler (fire) tubes is a very effective method for cleaning larger boiler installations. The Putzmaus system is a fully automatic method for cleaning boiler (fire) tubes. That means that the system is automatically fed through the tubes. This makes a huge difference in labor for the operator, which means that even larger boiler installations can be cleaned quickly and effectively. The Putzmaus system is a preventive cleaning method. This means that this system is made to preventively clean boiler (fire) tubes every 3-6 weeks and not once in a while (reactive). The Putzmaus system uses a pulsating brush, rather than a rotating brush.

The Putzmaus system can operate in both horizontally and vertically fitted tubes and is very light. This makes it easy to bring and deploy the system on location. The device comes standard in a case including all kinds of accessories, such as: brushes, hoses and PPE. The Putzmaus system can be used in boilers that are still cooling down. The maximum temperature for usage is around 400 degrees Celsius.

The system is designed for preventive cleaning. A boiler installation that is reactively cleaned with blocked/clogged tubes, among other things, is not an option for the Putzmaus system. In that case, mechanical cleaning would be a better option.

Customer Service

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