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Cleaning Tools

Cleaning Tools

Heavy-Duty Cleaning Tools are used to remove heavy dirt inside pipes. Usually from 25 millimeters I.D. and up. Use these tools in combination with heavy flexible shafts and a tube cleaning machine.

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Selecting the right tool

The product experts of Goodway Benelux have added several cleaning tools for boiler cleaning. In general, the Flex Hubs are the most commonly used tools. 

Flex Hub tools are special centrifugal cleaning tools that adapt to the pipe diameter for an optimal cleaning effect. Because the 3 ''steel blades'' automatically adapt to the pipe, it is also minimal work for the contractor. Only select the correct flex hub for the pipe diameter. 

The Flex Hub tools are connected by means of a threaded connection to a heavy duty flexible shaft, which in turn is driven by a Goodway Tube Cleaning machine.

Clogged pipes

When there is a traffic jam, buffing tools offer the solution. These tools can be equipped with a drill head (drill tip). This allows you to place the centring drills in the pipe and drill out the blockage.

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