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Chemical Cleaning (CIP)

Chemical Cleaning (CIP)

Goodway Benelux offers various products for chemical cleaning. Especially pump/coil systems to perform clean in place (CIP) cleaning on plate heat exchangers. This in combination with Scalebreak-MP as an effective cleaning agent.
Chemical Cleaning (CIP)

Introduction Chemical Cleaning

Goodway Benelux offers various systems and solutions for chemical cleaning.
Various flushing systems are available to clean plates of heat exchangers, for example.
But also for example Shell & Tube heat-exchangers can be cleaned with these systems.

Due to unique specifications and features, some flushing systems can also switch the flow directly, which not only improves cleaning, but also speeds it up.

When to use

Goodway flushing systems can be used when hard soiling such as lime (calcium), rust and other hard-to-remove contaminants are present. In addition, they are handy systems that can be set up quickly. Because of the CIP effect, systems no longer need to be disassembled, which saves an enormous amount of time and money.

Flushing pumps / Systems

The rinsing systems of Goodway Benelux mainly focus on the smaller systems in terms of cleaning. The systems are mainly built to be set up and connected quickly and easily. In addition, they are compact pump systems, allowing the customer to easily transport and move these pumps.


Scalebreak-MP is Goodway's home remedy. The advantage of this product is that it is an ADR free chemical detergent. Which makes a huge difference in handling and storage. In addition, Scalebreak-MP is a very universal tool. As a result, you can use it for almost any application. Due to various inhibitors and other substances, the agent can be used on almost any material:

  • Brass
  • Buyer
  • Stainless Steel
  • Rubber
  • Etc.

The agent is biodegradable and works very quickly against pollution. Within a short period of time, contaminants such as calcium, rust and more are dissolved in a liquid solution and disposed of.

In this way, your installation will run optimally again and provide good heat transfer. Which in turn ensures an optimum return.

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