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Goodway Cleaning Rods (1 meter)
Cleaning Rods (1 meter)

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Cleaning Rods (1 meter)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: NR-10
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Cleaning Rods are (flexible) rods of 1 meter long, available in various diameters. Specially designed to clean (air) ducts and pipes and to remove (hard) pollution. With a drill you can rotate everything.

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Introduction Cleaning Rods (1 meter)

Cleaning Rods are simple and highly effective tools, made to clean (air) ducts, pipes and chimneys. Each raag bar is 1 meter long and can easily be connected to another bar by using the double-lock coupling system.

The thinner the rod, the more flexible it is. The thinner the rod, the more flexible it is:

  • 10 millimetres (ultra flexible - can be looped in)
  • 12 millimeter (flexible - can easily make a 90 degree bend)
  • 14 millimeter (Medium/Hard - bar can bend, but not 90 degrees)
  • 16 millimeter (Hard - best used for straights.

Concave rods are available in Nylon and Aluminium (Aluminium only in 16 mm).

Operation of Cleaning Rods

The double-lock coupling system makes it easy to couple rods. Simply click the 2 buttons and slide the other rod or brush on it. In addition, you will need a drill adapter to ensure that you can drive the set-up. It's also in the combi deal on the right.

The Raag rods are solid and therefore rotate completely. Also the part you're holding. This is why it is important to use good PPE, such as gloves, while working.

Advantages Cleaning Rods

  • Extremely flexible in length - you can decide for yourself how many rods you couple.
  • Large cleaning range by Spider Brushes.
  • Can be used rotating left or right.
  • Simple and relatively inexpensive system compared to machine cleaning.
  • Solid rods - no risk of jamming or failure of the rods.

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Article number:NR-10
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