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CO2 Datalogger / Air Quality Meter
CO2 Datalogger / Air Quality Meter

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CO2 Datalogger / Air Quality Meter

Article number: CDL-210
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The CO2 meter measures and records CO2, relative humidity and temperature simultaneously, making it ideal for measuring air quality directly and for assessing ambient air over a longer period of time.

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CO2 Datalogger

This CO2 Datalogger / Air Quality Meter is perfect to use at home or in the office. You can use it to easily and effectively measure whether the air quality in the environment is good.

By using very accurate sensors, this system can remotely analyze and indicate all kinds of values. It will even emit an alarm sound when a dangerous concentration is present in the room.

Through simple and clear software you can also read the values on your computer. This gives you direct insight into the air quality of the room, room or house. This is also very useful with the right advice or guidance for cleaning air ducts.

When to use?

In principle, it is always advised to sit in a good, ventilated room with optimal air quality. However, you can also use this device when you have doubts about the room or the surroundings. This can be, for example, when you:

  • (often) are quickly tired, when you are in the vicinity.
  • (often) have a headache in the environment.
  • are (often) light in the head in and around the environment.

These can all be indicators that the air quality is not good.

Avoid (unnecessary) health risks by paying attention to your air quality!

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Article number:CDL-210