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Coil Brushes

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Coil Brushes

Brand: Goodway
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Coil Brushes are one of Goodway's best projectiles. These are also used as an upgrade of the Tube Scrubbers. Perfect for soft to medium-hard soiling. The Coil Brushes are custom made based on the pipe diameter(s).

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Introduction Coil Brushes

Coil Brushes are advanced projectiles that are used to remove soft- to medium-hard pollution in pipe bundles. These projectiles are the upgrade of the standard Tube Scrubbers.

Coil Brushes have a set of nylon hairs, which thoroughly scrape the pipes clean and can remove all kinds of dirt. Because the contact material is nylon, there is no risk of damage to the pipe. Because of this the Coil Brushes are often used to effectively clean titanium type bundles.

Custom Made

Because Coil Brushes have a tight shape, they can remove harder soiling. This also means that the correct excess of the projectile is very important. Too much excess increases the risk of the projectiles getting stuck. Too little excess means that the cleaning effect is not optimal. Coil Brushes are therefore always supplied custom-made to the pipe diameter in consultation with the customer. In addition, it is important to know how much pollution there is in the pipe and which system is used, in order to shoot it through.

Benefits Projectiles Cleaning

Cleaning with projectiles offers many advantages over traditional cleaning methods. Take a look at the biggest advantages below:

  • Speed. Time savings in projectile cleaning is enormous. You can shoot pipes of various lengths within seconds. With 2 persons you can clean about 1000 pipes per hour under the right conditions. That's faster than any method.
  • Cost reduction. Projectiles are relatively inexpensive and can be reused, so the cost per cleaning is much less than, for example, with high pressure. In addition, only one extra gun or system is needed to shoot through the projectiles. These are also for rent.
  • Safety. Projectiles are shot at low pressure. This is not only safer for the operators, but also for the installation itself. Pipes are not exposed to high pressures internally, such as high pressure cleaning of +500 bar or more.
  • Water consumption. Projectiles shoot through the pipe within seconds. So there is almost no water used to clean a pipe. Maybe a few liters per pipe, to rinse it clean.

Colour coding

As with Tube Scrubbers, coil brushes are delivered color coded. This allows you to quickly distinguish which size of Coil Brush you are going to use. This is especially useful when the projectiles are dirty. From the color you can immediately see if it is the right size.

Working method Coil Brushes

Tube Scrubbers can be shot quickly and easily through the pipe bundle, you only need a system to physically push through the pipe. This is possible with both the QS-300 and the BFP system. Take a look at both systems to find out which one best suits your work. The working method is then very simple:

  1. Make sure you have enough scrubbers to clean the pipes. Coil Brushes can be reused approximately 4-6 times. So if you have 10,000 pipes, make sure you have at least 2000 projectiles.
  2. Provide an adequate launch system, such as the QS-300 or BFP.
  3. Pre-rinse the pipes with the launch system, to make sure the pipes are open and to soak the pollution.
  4. Put the projectiles in the pipes and shoot them with the system you are using.
  5. Hold the trigger for about 2 to 3 seconds. Hold for 1 or 2 seconds after the projectile has left the pipe. This ensures a better after rinsing.
  6. Catch the projectiles at the back, and then re-use them.
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