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Airconditioning Cleaning

Airconditioning Cleaning

Special equipment to clean air conditioning systems with low pressure water and detergent. With the collection bags you can easily collect the water and dirt. For both indoor and outdoor units.
Airconditioning Cleaning

What is Speedclean?

Speedclean uses water and detergent which is sprayed on the fin block with a special portable pump with 9 bar (or more) pressure and 2.5 litres per minute. The jet is powerful enough to flush the entire block and remove the dirt, but not strong enough to damage the fins. The mix of our alkaline cleaning agent actually removes or kills the dirt. The CoilJet machines from Speedclean are very handy and available in different models. For example, some machines have a battery so you can work anywhere, even without power! There are also more powerful machines, such as the CJ-200E, which run on mains power.


By using our special accessories and flexible nozzles, cleaning can be greatly reduced because nothing has to be disassembled. With the use of Speedclean equipment the cleaning time is reduced to 10/15 minutes. It is also possible to mix and adjust the ratio. This way you can use a 1:30 ratio for light pollution and a 1:10 ratio for more polluted air conditioners.

Collection bags

By using our special plastic collection bags, we can collect and dispose of all the water and dirt directly, so there is no dirt on the surface that has to be cleaned up later. By collecting this pollution an enormous gain of time is made on the total picture. We have special bags for wall models and cassette units. We also have handy accessories with which you can drive the bags underneath the cassette models. How easy is that?