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Professional systems

Professional systems

Low Pressure Coil Cleaning Systems offer the possibility to clean slat blocks effectively and safely. Without damaging it or spraying it flat. There are also possibilities between battery pack/water tanks or dry systems.

The Systems

Goodway Benelux offers various systems for coil cleaning activities. Everything is focused on continuity and work environments. For example, there are systems with fixed power and water connections, but also with a battery pack and water tank. This allows you to be very flexible and you are not always dependent on electricity and water supplies.

Battery pack & Water tank

These are Coil Cleaning appliances that are equipped with a battery pack and/or water tank. These systems can be used to clean various applications such as; Airco's, air cooled condensers, drycoolers and more. Because you do not need electricity and water connections to work, you increase your flexibility and possibilities in terms of working environment. Often useful in remote places.

Fixed Electricity & Water

These Coil Cleaning systems are often the strongest systems and offer the possibility to clean larger and thicker lamella blocks. These coil cleaners are often used to clean condensers and evaporators, for example.

Because they have a fixed electricity and water connection, they continuously give the same output. Which is nice, when they have to spray all day long.

Dry Cleaning

These dry coil cleaning systems offer the possibility to first remove the largest pieces of dirt before you start working with water and detergent. This combination is often very effective, as you only start spraying when the surface of the block is clean. This not only saves on unnecessary water consumption, but also on tidying up.

In this scenario, the dry cleaner is used for the surface cleaning and the Coil Cleaner for the deep cleaning of the block itself. This is how you work efficiently and effectively.

Cleaning agent

With Coil Cleaning it is not only important that the right equipment is used, but also that a good cleaning agent is used. It is in fact very crucial to degrease the block properly, which can result in a huge increase in efficiency. Greasy deposits are known to significantly reduce heat transfer.

With Coilshine, you have an all-in-one remedy at your disposal. This product not only cleans the block, but also degreases it immediately. This allows you to work faster and more effectively, because you don't have to switch detergents during different activities.

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