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Goodway CoilPro CC-400HF / HiFlow Coil Cleaner
CoilPro CC-400HF / HiFlow Coil Cleaner

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CoilPro CC-400HF / HiFlow Coil Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: CC-400HF-A-50
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The CC-400HF is one of the most commonly used Goodway Coil Cleaners. With 30 BAR and 12 l/min, thick slat blocks can be cleaned easily and effectively. Knows several advantages, such as cleaning from inside to outside (with the associated tools).

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Introduction CC-400HF

The CC-400HF Coil Cleaner is the most popular machine in the Goodway Coil Cleaning arsenal. This system has a number of major advantages, when cleaning Air-cooled CondensersDry Coolers and similar installations.

First, the water flow, 12 l/min, in combination with the working pressure, 30 BAR. This ensures that thicker coils can be cleaned easily, effectively and efficiently. The low pressure water spray also ensures that the Coils are not damaged. Too little pressure or water and the installation is not cleaned properly, too much pressure and water causes blades to be damaged quickly. In this respect, the CC-400HF is a 'sweet spot' Coil Cleaner.

Another big advantage of this system is that you do not have to remove the fans to clean a V-block, for example. Cleaning can simply be done with the fans in their own place. This saves a lot of work, and means that you can also do a job with one person. With our special accessory kit it is also possible to clean on both sides, from the outside in and from the inside out. As a result, the slats of different angles are cleaned, which is of extra benefit to the result.

It is important to note that this system operates on fixed power and water connections.

Specifications CC-400

Working pressure / Flow: 30 BAR - 12 Liter/minute
Cleaning agent: Automatic dosing via suction hose (injection)
Dimensions: 76.2 x 30.5 x 33 cm (length x width x height)
Weight: 20.4 KG (45 lbs)

Benefits Goodway Coil Cleaning

  • Low pressure cleaning, so no damage to the slats.
  • Convenient tools, allowing fans to remain in place and can also be flushed from the inside out.
  • Easy to move systems, due to the dolly and/or the relatively light weight.

Combi Deals/Product Bundles

On the right side of this page you can see a combi deal. This product bundle consists of the CC-400HF Coil Cleaner, our cleaning agent Coilshine (4x4 liter), a special accessory kit and a box of slat combs (2 pieces).

The accessory kit includes a number of different, special (flexible) nozzles that improve the cleaning process and increase convenience. Think about leaving the fans in place, and the option to be able to clean from the inside out.

Coilshine is our Coil Cleaning detergent. This is a powerful detergent, and also has the ability to degrease the block (two-sided effect). The advantage is that Coilshine is biodegradable, so it can simply be transported through the sewer.

If there are a number of flat slats in the block, these can be straightened with the slat combs.

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Alternative Coil Cleaners

As far as our Coil Cleaning systems are concerned, we offer various alternatives to our CC-400HF. Where the CC-400 does not have a water tank and runs on fixed power, we also offer systems that do. A good example of this is the CC-140, which is very useful if you have many cleaning projects where no water and/or electricity is available. This unit has 2 tanks of 20 litres each, which you can fill with water and detergent (Coilshine). It is also movable by the dolly, so very easy to move. With 40 BAR and 6 l/min more powerful than the CC-400, but less water flow.

If you are looking for a similar system, but cheaper, we recommend the Junior Coil Cleaner (CC-JR). It consists of 1 water tank of 12.4 litres, and a chemical tank of 1.65 litres (for the Coilshine). This also works on the basis of a rechargeable battery. Is a lot less powerful than the CC-400 and CC-140 (8.6 BAR & 2.7 l/min), but is regularly used due to a good price-quality ratio.

The accessories such as Coilshine and the special nozzle set can be used in combination with all our Coil Cleaning systems. This is even advised.

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice about a Coil Cleaning machine or (upcoming) project, you can always contact us via [email protected] or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:CC-400HF-A-50
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CoilPro CC-400HF / HiFlow Coil Cleaner + CoilShine Condenser Cleaning Agent (4x4 Liter) + + Coil Cleaning Accessoire Kit
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