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Compact Duct Cleaner (CDC-unit)
Compact Duct Cleaner (CDC-unit)

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Compact Duct Cleaner (CDC-unit)

Article number: CDC-3
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The Compact Duct Cleaner (CDC unit) is the best professional air duct cleaning set from Goodway Benelux. Because it is a complete package, equipped with the latest equipment, this is all you need to clean at the highest level.

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Introduction Compact Duct Cleaner (CDC unit)

The CDC set is the newest and best complete cleaning package from Goodway Benelux. Not only is this the most effective way to clean air ducts, it is also the most user-friendly system available.

Because you are fully in control of the cleaning and have the convenience of various features, such as a remote control, you can easily perform channel cleaning work with 1 person. In addition, the package offers everything you need during cleaning. Both a tool for physical cleaning and a vacuum cleaner to actually remove the dust from the duct.

Please note this product is of a separate product line of Goodway Benelux. It is therefore not an original product of Goodway™.

Best Features CDC

The CDC set has a number of features, which are unprecedented in air duct cleaning.

  • The drive machine (blue system) is controlled by means of a remote control. So you can decide for yourself in which speed position you work and which side the brush rotates (left/right).
  • The red hose has a diameter of 50 millimetres. Because of this, the air flow is also sucked in. So you connect the vacuum cleaner to the hose. This ensures that there is dust extraction directly at the brush tip. So you do not need to connect an external extraction. In addition, extraction directly at the brush tip offers the best possible efficiency.
  • The brushes allow you to clean channels of 100 - 800 millimetres with 4 different brushes! Regardless of the type of channels; oval, circular or rectangular.

Why the CDC Set?

Cleaning air ducts is often a challenge, this is due to different aspects; different diameters, different lengths, which extraction is needed, etc.

With the CDC set you have a complete system, which is fully ready-to-go for all kinds of air duct cleaning. This way you can easily clean channels with 1 person. This is because you do not need an extra person to switch the machine on and off or operate the external extraction.

Through the remote control, you can directly influence the machine from any position. In addition, you have already regulated the extraction, because it runs through the same hose and extracts directly at the brush tip. So you have no work there either.

Scope of delivery

When you order a CDC system, you will receive a complete package for cleaning. Below you can see all parts of the package that are included:

  • Cobra drive machine + remote control. (4 speed positions & left-right rotation)
  • Flexible Hose Red + Vacuum (10.7 meters long / 50 mm diameter)
  • 1x FPDB/100-300 Brush (for channels 100-300 mm / regardless of type)
  • 1x SC-A-020-3 Dust and Water Reclaimer (3 engines / 155 litres/second suction)

Optional: a thinner black hose is also available. It has a diameter of 20 millimetres, so it can be used for smaller and tighter (air) ducts. With this hose there is no extraction possibility. You must therefore use an external fan in conjunction with this hose.

Optional: also add foam caps or sealed balloons to your set, to seal pieces during cleaning. 

CDC variations

Goodway Benelux offers various CDC systems. As far as the set is concerned, not much changes, with every variation you keep the advantages of the machine and brush(s). With the different variations, you can, for example, select whether you want the vacuum cleaner included or not. This can be useful, for example, when you have your own vacuum system.

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Article number:CDC-3
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