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Goodway Benelux Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package
Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package

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Complete Ventilation Cleaning Package

Article number: C-PROF-SET-5M
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The complete air duct cleaning package contains all possible cleaning products and accessories that you need to clean different types of ventilation ducts from 70-200 mm.

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Cleaning different types of ventilation ducts

With the complete ventilation cleaning package it is possible to clean different types of ventilation ducts between approx. 70 and 200 millimeters in diameter. These types of ventilation ducts are often found in smaller (private) applications such as:

  • Apartments/flats
  • Single-family homes
  • Semi-detached houses

Complete cleaning package

The cleaning package is ''complete'' because it contains everything necessary for a correct, professional cleaning of the air ducts. This includes not only cleaning, but also vacuuming of the loosened deposits. The complete package contains the following products and accessories:

How to use | tips & tricks

Cleaning air ducts is quite easy, especially in smaller applications such as apartments or houses. You use the ecoflex shafts to loosen the deposits in the air ducts. You then use the vacuum to remove the deposits out of the ducts by using the fan. These are used simultaneously. Place the foam caps in the openings that you are not using. This ensures that the fan does not suck in false air and that no deposits fall out of the ducts during cleaning. Always connect the fan at the lowest point and try to get it as close to the brush point as possible. The shorter the distance to the brush, the better.

A standard drill (example; Makita type) is more than sufficient to power the flexible shafts. Most drills have 2 speed settings, always use the lowest setting unless more speed is required. The shafts have an internal core that rotates, it is quite thin, so can only have a certain torque/resistance before breaking. If the brushes get stuck and you keep rotating the drill, there is a good chance that there will be a break somewhere. Therefore, a low speed is better and safer. Always use the correct brushes for the application for which they are made.

Flexible cleaning options

This package contains 2 different flexible shafts, making it possible to clean almost all types of ventilation ducts. Below you will find the applications per shaft type.

Ecoflex shaft:

  • Perfect for round air ducts between 100-200 millimeters.
  • Uses normal PDB brushes with M10 thread connection.
  • Mostly used for apartments, houses etc.

Ecoflex compact shaft:

  • Perfect for round and flat air ducts between 70-120 millimeters.
  • Uses the special PDB-140E brushes with M6 thread connection.
  • Most commonly used for very tight and small air ducts.

Benefits of a complete package

A complete cleaning package contains all the necessary products and accessories to professionally clean air ducts. This package is even more extensive than the regular complete package. This package is made for companies that really want to be able to clean everything in terms of ventilation ducts in a private setting. This package is also interesting for Belgian companies, because in general more small and tight air ducts are installed in Belgium.

With the complete package you don't have to look any further for other products or accessories to be able to clean, everything is already included in the package. However, you can expand your services by choosing additional accessories, such as:

Customer service

If you can't figure it out yourself, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. Of course you can always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

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Article number:C-PROF-SET-5M
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Advantages of this product:
Most complete cleaning package
Ideal for air ducts from 70-200 mm
For both round and flat air ducts
Includes extra brushes and accessories
Ideal for contractors and freelancers
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