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Goodway Complete Boiler Cleaning Package (Pneumatic)
Complete Boiler Cleaning Package (Pneumatic)

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Complete Boiler Cleaning Package (Pneumatic)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: BP-100-7,6M
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A complete package for the professional mechanical cleaning and maintenance of (fire) tubes in boiler systems. Contains all necessary products and accessories for fast and effective cleaning / maintenance. Powered by a pneumatic tube cleaner.

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Complete Boiler Cleaning Package

To make it easy for end customers and users, Goodway Benelux also offers complete boiler cleaning packages. These packages are carefully composed by our experts. All necessary components and accessories are included in this package, so you don't have to look any further. This complete package can be used to clean and maintain internal (flame) pipes of boiler installations.

This package contains all necessary products for cleaning boiler pipes, which have an internal diameter of between 44 and 102 millimeters.

Mechanical Boilers Cleaning

Most boilers pollute very quickly during use. For example, soot contamination in flame pipes, this creates a polluting layer on the inside of the pipes. This layer negatively influences the heat transfer. This lowers the efficiency of the boiler and increases the cost to keep running at the same level.

Mechanical methods are often used with smaller boilers, because it is manual work. The biggest advantage of mechanical cleaning is that it is especially effective in case of heavy pollution. This is because you can use various heavy-duty cleaning tools to remove the contamination. For example the flex hub tools.

How does it work?

Mechanical maintenance is quite simple and can be done (almost) without training. Below you will find a short summary, how this equipment works by means of a small step-by-step plan:

  1. Tube Cleaning Machine. A Tube Cleaning machine powers everything. So choose a good machine, the choice is easy to distinguish. For example, you can select machines that run on electricity or compressed air. In addition, you can choose between different motor power and rotation speed.
  2. Flexible Shaft. You need a flexible shaft to make the connection between the machine and the cleaning tool. You connect this directly to the machine. The inner core within the outside mantle is rotating. So you can just hold the mantle during cleaning. It is also extra strong and heat resistant up to 140 degrees Celsius.
  3. Cleaning Tools. Cleaning Tools are very important to perform an effective and useful cleaning. By selecting the right tool(s), you ensure that the contamination is removed quickly and effectively. This increases the cleaning speed and effect, so that each cleaning takes less time.
  4. Vacuüm. When cleaning a boiler pipe, it is also very important to have sufficient suction in terms of a vacuum. The tube cleaning equipment helps you to loossen the deposits, while the vacuum makes sure, that the deposits are also removed. Use the GTC-DPA tool in combination with a powerful vacuüm.

Package Contents

This complete package consists of the following products:

  • 1x AWT-100 or AWT-100X Tube Cleaner (drive machine of the entire system - pneumatic powered)
  • 1x GTC-721G flexible shaft (outer diameter 21,2 millimeter / 7,6 or 10,7 meter length)
  • 1x GTC-227 Flex Hub Tool (centrifugal cleaning tool for diameters 44-102 mm)
  • 1x GTC-227A (replacement blades for GTC-227 Flex Hub tool)
  • 1x GTC-223DT (buffing tool for drilling tubes open with I.D. of 25,4 - 76,2 mm)
  • 1x GTC-224 (replacement blades for GTC-223DT buffing tool)
  • 1x GTC-DPA (Y-piece for vacuüm extraction)
  • 1x BFN-152S Nozzle
  • 1x Industrial Vacuum, Wet-Dry incl. nylon filter

Air requirements tube cleaners

  • AWT-100: Minimum 4,1 BAR - 0,5 m3/min air - Maximum 7 BAR - 2,0 m3/min air
  • AWT-100X: Minimum 5 BAR - 3,0 m3/min air - Maximum 7 BAR - 3,6 m3/min air

Customized Packages

Boiler Cleaning Packages can also be custom made. If, for example, you need longer flexible shafts or want to be able to clean more diameters. Or maybe you want to have another machine in the package, that's all possible. Contact our customer service department to put together a custom boiler cleaning package.

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Article number:BP-100-7,6M
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By: Pieter Kersten - TopEggs
Date: 02/05/2022

We urgently needed a complete package to clean the fire tubes of our boiler installation. We have chosen the AWT-100X device + accessories which were available the same day for pickup. The system is very powerful and easy to use. With the right accessories we have been able to get our tubes clean again. We are very satisfied with the device and accessories.

By: Giel van der Vaart - Argent Energy
Date: 02/05/2022

After cleaning our fire tubes with high-pressure water, a lot of deposits remained inside the tubes. That is why we have opted for a mechanical technique to remove the deposits by means of rotating brushes and tools. An employee of Goodway Benelux helped us during the delivery with an explanation and demonstration. An extra advantage is that we will use less fuel to produce the same heat. The more deposits inside the tubes, the more energy it takes to make steam. We are satisfied.

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