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Goodway Complete Tube Cleaning Kit XL
Complete Tube Cleaning Kit XL

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Complete Tube Cleaning Kit XL

Brand: Goodway
Article number: RAM-PRO-XL-A-COMPLETE
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With this complete package you can clean and maintain the tubes of various HVAC/R installations. This equipment is easy to use and requires little training. Ideal for HVAC/R contractors, but also end users.

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Shell and tube heat exchanger cleaning

This is the most complete and professional tube cleaning package that Goodway Benelux has to offer. This package consists of a RAM-PRO-XL tube cleaning system, various flexible shafts, brushes and accessories. This package is particularly interesting for contracting companies that perform tube cleaning activities for their end customers on a daily basis. This may also include service and maintenance departments of manufacturers.

The complete tube cleaning package XL is interesting for internal tube diameters of 11 to 28 millimeters and with a maximum length of 6 - 6,5 meters (depending on how far away the machine can be).

Applications within the HVAC

The tube cleaning package XL is especially interesting for the following systems/installations:

Think of systems from well-known suppliers and manufacturers, such as: Trane, York, Carrier, McQuay etc.

System Operation

The RAM-PRO-XL is Goodway's most advanced electric tube cleaning system. The device not only offers an optimal cleaning effect, but even goes one step further. Due to the new, integrated ''TubeGuard'' technology, the system can automatically apply a protective layer during the cleaning of the tubes. The system has been further optimized and includes a completely new housing and chain drive system, making it even more reliable during maintenance jobs.

In addition, the system offers an adjustable speed of 0-900 RPM. This allows you to decide per tube which speed is the best, this is especially useful when you often encounter different types of pollution. With this system you can change the speed in no time. The RAM-PRO-XL has a Quick-Connect coupling system, allowing flexible shafts to be coupled to the system at lightning speed (<5 seconds!).

Mechanical cleaning is one of the easiest and fastest methods to clean a tube bundle. Because the system works at low pressure, internal damage to the tubes is virtually impossible. Furthermore, the equipment is very safe, as the only rotating part is the brush. The RAM-PRO-XL is therefore an ideal device to professionally clean tubes, in any industry!

TubeGuard technology

TubeGuard is a new technology, where you can enter special tablets into the RAM-PRO-XL system. These tablets are self-dosing. The tablets will automatically mix with the internal water flush. When you turn on the system and the water starts to flow, it will turn into a blue color, which is an indication that the tablets have mixed with the water. These tablets contain special inhibitors and protective substances for the tubes. TubeGuard tablets remove bacteria and apply a protective layer onto the tube wall against corrosion and oxidation. We can send an MSDS on request.

  • 1 TubeGuard tablet is sufficient for approximately 200-250 tubes.

Specifications / Scope of delivery

This package contains the following products & accessories (I.D. stands for internal diameter):

  • 1x RAM-PRO-XL Tube Cleaning System (Drive system)
  • 1x GTC-702Q-25 (Flexible shaft with Quick Connect coupling, 9,5 mm O.D. & 7,6 meter length) - FOR TUBE I.D. 11-13 MM
  • 1x GTC-703Q-25 (Flexible shaft with Quick Connect coupling, 13,0 mm O.D. & 7,6 meter length) - FOR TUBE I.D. 14-16 MM
  • 1x GTC-704Q-25 (Flexible shaft with Quick Connect coupling, 14,3 mm O.D. & 7,6 meter length) - FOR TUBE I.D. 17-28 MM
  • 20x GTC-211Q-7/16 (Nylon Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 11-12 MM
  • 20x GTC-211Q-1/2 (Nylon Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 13-14 MM
  • 20x GTC-211Q-9/16 (Nylon Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 15 MM
  • 20x GTC-211Q-5/8 (Nylon Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 16-17 MM
  • 20x SGB-Q-075 (Nylon Abrasive Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 14-16 MM
  • 20x SGB-Q-100 (Nylon Abrasive Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 17-22 MM
  • 20x SGB-Q-125 (Nylon Abrasive Brush with Quick Connect coupling) - FOR TUBE I.D. 23-28 MM
  • 2x TubeGuard XL Tablet Package (Tablets against oxidation and corrosion, 4 pcs/package)
  • 1x Chiller Bib Kit (Special collection bag for the tube plate, to collect water and deposits)
  • 1x GSL-705 (Maintenance lubrication unit for flexible shafts, e.g. compressed air)
  • 2x GSL-LU1 (Special oil for flexible shafts, in conjunction with GSL-705 lubrication unit)

Bi-Directional Rotation

Because the system has a two-sided foot pedal, it is also possible to rotate bi-directional. This means that the brush can rotate both clock- and counterclockwise in the tube. This has a positive effect on the cleaning effect and also (slightly) speeds up the cleaning. You can choose the direction of rotation by simply pressing the foot pedal (left or right).

Usage Video's

In the videos below you can see how our customers use the RAM-PRO-XL for their systems/applications:

Why invest in a Goodway system?

Goodway has been the market leader in innovative cleaning and maintenance equipment for over 50 years. Over the years, the products have become increasingly better and tailored to the wishes of the customer. Goodway equipment focuses on quality and service. As a result, we do not need focus on being the cheapest. Below you will find a number of arguments/USP's (unique selling points):

  • Goodway systems are an investment that will last for a longer period of time. With proper maintenance of the system(s), they can last for years.
  • Goodway offers a worldwide service network, so you can get service and/or spare parts for your device(s) anytime, anywhere.
  • Goodway offers high-quality equipment that makes cleaning and maintenance work faster, smoother and safer.
  • Goodway devices are often multi-purpose, allowing you to clean and maintain different systems/installations with the same equipment!

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

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Article number:RAM-PRO-XL-A-COMPLETE
average of 3 review(s)
By: Ab Meloul - EPZ Borssele
Date: 11/05/2022

The RAM-PRO-XL is an ideal machine to safely clean heat exchanger tubes. At our location, safety and speed are paramount. This also includes the quality of the materials we have to work with.

By: Wesley Verbeek - Abalco
Date: 02/05/2022

We have been using our 2 RAM-PRO-XL systems for preventive tube cleaning jobs at our customers sites for a number of years. The devices are easy to use and deliver good results.

By: Mattias Pudas - Vattenfall Uppsala
Date: 26/04/2022

We use the RAM-PRO-XL device with accessories for the general tube cleaning of our smaller shell & tube heat exchangers. The high speed rotation of the brush together with the low pressure water flush ensures a safe and effective cleaning for our operators and the equipment itself.

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Advantages of this product:
Perfect for contracting / cleaning companies
Most complete and advanced package
Contains everything to clean internal tubes of 11 - 28 mm
Adjustable Speed 0-900 RPM
TubeGuard-XL System for Protection against Corrosion and Oxidation
All Accessories in Quick-Connect
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