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CS250 - Silver Package
CS250 - Silver Package

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CS250 - Silver Package

Article number: CS250-20
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The CS250 - Silver Package is the perfect entry-level model for the novice professional who wants to perform inspection in all kinds of applications. With this system, you're in for the day, guaranteed.

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The CS250 Silver Package.

The CS250 Silver Package is the excellent choice for the professional novice who is going to buy a camera system for the first time, and does not want to be too expensive because of the budget. Nevertheless, this system is one of the best camera systems on the market, partly due to the strong quality aspects and scope of delivery. With this product you can work anywhere and give a serious professional expression. The system works simply; everything is in a compact case, which contains the reel with video camera itself and some other accessories. With this set you can inspect and record pipes, ducts, conduits and more, to see what the situation is later for yourself or your customer.

Technical Aspects.

Let's talk a little more technical, the CS250 system can negotiate bends of up to 90 degrees. The system is compact and flexible due to the use of battery packs. With 1 pack you can inspect and record for up to 2 hours, enough time to carry out a thorough inspection. The camera head has 12 LED lights to illuminate inside the pipe and has different exposure modes. This head itself is ø 26 mm external. The 20 meter push bar/cable (6mm diameter) is a built-in reel with digital length indication complete in a hard plastic case. Best of all: The tiltable and up to 2 m removable 7" TFT widescreen monitor delivers razor-sharp images that can be stored on the SD card (included). Let's summarize the most important points:

  • Can inspect applications from 40 to 135 mm.
  • 4 GB standard SD card to capture video equipment.
  • 26 mm (external) camera head - 20 meters (6mm) reel/wire + waterproof (IP67)!
  • 7'' TFT removable (up to 2 meters) screen/monitor - 640 x 480 (VGA) / max 30 fps.
  • Digital length indication.
  • 2 hours inspection time due to the 12 V NiMH battery. (battery pack)
  • Compact and flexible due to the plastic case.
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Article number:CS250-20