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Demineralized Water (Tote 1000L)
Demineralized Water (Tote 1000L)

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Demineralized Water (Tote 1000L)

Article number: DW-1000L
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[Price incl. IBC] Demi/Osmosis water is frequently used in cooling and heat technical installations. Because the water is purified and filtered, limescale and corrosion are prevented within the installation(s).

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Introduction Demi Water [Price incl. IBC]

Goodway Benelux offers demi/osmose water per IBC of 1000 litres. This is special water that has been purified and filtered so that it does not contain ions, i.e. salts and minerals. This prevents corrosion and limescale, for example in a refrigeration system containing glycol.

Normal pipe water does contain ions, and this can vary greatly, which is why there are various hardnesses of normal pipe water. This cannot be used in such systems as laboratories and technical installations.

Application areas Demi Water

Demi water can be used for various purposes, below a number of common applications for demi water:

  • Steam production (energy).
  • Technical Installations. (heat, cool and freeze)
  • As a mixture in various glycols.
  • Laser cutting.

Advantages Demi Water

  • Pure water that can be used for various applications.
  • Contains no ions or risk of limescale and corrosion.
  • Perfect to use as a mixture for various glycols.

Distilled or demineralized water?

Distilled water is made by boiling water and collecting its yield (condensation). This is a fairly intensive process and often not necessary for the use of technical installations. This is more for medical purposes. Demineralized water is filtered, removing the ions. (lime and minerals).

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Article number:DW-1000L
Demineralized Water (Tote 1000L) + GPX / Glycol Pump / 0-20 BAR (RENTAL)