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Disinfection Agent GB-FIX
Disinfection Agent GB-FIX

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Disinfection Agent GB-FIX

Article number: GB-FIX-1L
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Concentrated disinfectant for effective killing of bacteria, fungi and viruses. This disinfectant is safe for e.g. floors, workplaces and restaurants. NOT suitable for disinfecting hands.

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Introduction GB-FIX

Disinfectant GB Fix is a highly concentrated disinfectant for killing, inactivating or removing pathogenic organisms such as bacteria, fungi and viruses. The disinfectant is suitable for use in places where food and drink is prepared, such as in the catering industry, but can also be used to disinfect sanitary areas or workplaces. NOT suitable for disinfecting hands.

Instructions for use:

This disinfectant can be added to your regular detergent / lather, which not only removes dirt but also disinfects immediately. Of course you can also use GB Fix as a stand-alone disinfectant in cleaning. It is NOT suitable for disinfecting hands or body. 

First generally clean the surfaces and materials to be disinfected, then apply the diluted disinfectant with a cloth or sponge. The concentration for general use is 4 ml per litre of water. The minimum exposure time of disinfectant GB Fix is 5 minutes, so it has sufficient time to kill all organisms. Then remove excess fluids and rinse with clean water. If treated surfaces or materials can come into contact with food and drink, very thorough rinsing with water is required. 

Admission number: 12257N.

Disinfectant GB Fix is only permitted as a disinfectant:

  • Bacteria and yeasts in places where food and drink are prepared, treated or stored. An exception to this is the milking equipment on the farm.
  • Bacteria and yeasts, as well as Trichophyton interdigital, in rooms intended for the residence of humans. 
  • Bacteria, fungi and algae in recirculating cooling water systems, in auxiliary dosing systems, in the paper and cardboard industry, in pasteurization installations, in process water and in other forms of process water. It may only be applied with the agreement of the competent authority for quality water management for each site.
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Article number:GB-FIX-1L