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Automatic Cleaning

Automatic Cleaning

Automatic cleaning of the boiler (fire) tubes is a very effective and simple method for cleaning large boiler installations. The Putzmaus system is perfect for preventive cleaning of boiler (fire) tubes in large quantities.

Automatic Cleaning of Boiler Fire Tubes

The automatic/pneumatic cleaning of boiler (fire) tubes is a very effective method for cleaning larger boiler installations. The Putzmaus system is a fully automatic method for cleaning boiler (fire) tubes. That means that the system is automatically fed through the tubes. This makes a huge difference in labor for the operator, which means that even larger boiler installations can be cleaned quickly and effectively. The Putzmaus system is a preventive cleaning method. This means that this system is made to preventively clean boiler (fire) tubes every 3-6 weeks and not once in a while (reactive). The Putzmaus system uses a pulsating brush, rather than a rotating brush.

The Putzmaus system can operate in both horizontally and vertically fitted tubes and is very light. This makes it easy to bring and deploy the system on location. The device comes standard in a case including all kinds of accessories, such as: brushes, hoses and PPE. The Putzmaus system can be used in boilers that are still cooling down. The maximum temperature for usage is around 400 degrees Celsius.

The system is designed for preventive cleaning. A boiler installation that is reactively cleaned with blocked/clogged tubes, among other things, is not an option for the Putzmaus system. In that case, mechanical cleaning would be a better option.

Advantages of the Putzmaus System

  • Fully automatic system - operator has virtually no effort on the job.
  • Very fast system that goes through the tube automatically.
  • Complete system, everything is included in the Putzmaus package. (excl. compressor/vacuum)
  • Very light equipment and takes up almost no space.
  • Has a pulsating instead of rotating effect.
  • Virtually no training needed to use.
  • Can work on both horizontally and vertically fitted tubes.

Furthermore, the Putzmaus is fitted with a vibration damper as standard, which is nice for the operator during longer jobs.

Scope of Delivery

When you purchase a Putzmaus System, you will always receive a complete package. This consists of the following parts/products:

  • Putzmaus System.
  • 3 brushes stainless steel (1 hard & 2 soft).
  • Pneumatic Oil.
  • Air hose for compressor.
  • Air hose for the Putzmaus (heat resistant up to 400 Celsius).
  • Filter/Lubrication unit for incoming air.
  • Various PPE's for the operator (e.g. gloves).

Customer Service

If you need further assistance, please contact our customer service to discuss the possibilities and options. You can of course always chat with our employees by starting the chat function at the bottom right of your screen!

Putzmaus Equipment

All the equipment you find on this page was/is produced by Putzmaus® Jäger Technik GmbH Austria. The manufacturer also holds the full patent on this.