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Goodway Fogger Disinfection System
Fogger Disinfection System

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Fogger Disinfection System

Brand: Goodway
Article number: AQ-FG-A
Goodway Fogger Disinfection System
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The Fogger Disinfection System can be used for various disinfection and disinfection applications. For example, use it to disinfect surfaces or rooms. Perfect in combination with Kenolox Disinfectant.

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Adjustable spray 20 - 100 micron
Perfect for Disinfection of Surfaces and Spaces
Spraying with low micron value, creates a dry spray
Perfect in combination with Kenolox disinfectant

Introduction Fogger System

The Fogger Disinfection System is a fairly simple, yet extremely useful tool to have and use. You can use it to decontaminate and disinfect virtually any application. This can be for example (air) ducts on board of ships. But also common areas, rooms and surfaces that need disinfection. For example to remove harmful viruses and bacteria. A number of end users can be:

  • Hospitals
  • Food Processing Plants
  • Schools
  • Homes
  • Laboratories

Fogger System Specifications

Flow: Variable: 20 - 100 microns (wide spray)
Weight: 3 KG (dry)
Contents: 5.7 litres

Operation Fogger System

The Fogger System, as its name suggests, is a kind of fog generator. You have a small reservoir in which you put a mixture of water and disinfectant. This all according to the indicated mix/ratio ratio for your application. 

As soon as the Fogger is turned on, it will ''superheat'' the mix and spray it through the nozzle like a fine jet of mist. You can use the spray to set up the channel. This spray is also adaptable, from virtually no humidity to a somewhat wetter composition. This also depends on how much volume goes through.

An external fan ensures an air flow in the duct. Because of this, the fine mix will float through the (air) duct and touch everything it encounters. This is how you disinfect (air) ducts.

Air ducts Systems/Take-offs

The fewer branches in the ductwork, the easier and faster the disinfection process becomes. But many branches are also no problem, it is only important that both the fan and the fogger are changed positions from time to time. This allows the mix of water and disinfectant to reach and touch the channel from a different position. This ensures effective disinfection.

Advantages Disinfection / Fogger System

Disinfection of channels with the right equipment is a job that can be done well. In addition, it can be a (very) interesting addition to your business! Because you can offer a disinfection service in addition to just cleaning the channels, your customers will also be able to do more with you.

In addition, disinfection is becoming increasingly important and service is often requested. With the Fogger System and an adequate fan, you're prepared for this. In addition, the advantages of disinfecting (air) ducts are great, here are a few:

  • Channels are free of fungi, bacteria and viruses.
  • Air quality improves enormously.
  • Chances of SBS (Sick-Building-Syndrome) are significantly reduced.
  • Frequently requested service within the cleaning branch.

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Article number:AQ-FG-A
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