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Compressed Air Cleaning

Compressed Air Cleaning

Cleaning air ducts by means of compressed air is an alternative way of cleaning air ducts. By blowing large quantities of air through a nozzle, pollution will quickly come loose and be removed from the duct along with the air flow.
Compressed Air Cleaning

The possibilities

Compressed air cleaning is generally recommended for companies that frequently have to deal with small diameter ducts or regularly encounter heavy dust contamination. By using compressed air, they can quickly and effectively clean ducts.

Goodway Benelux offers various components within that segment, such as compressors to generate air, hoses to transport and ultimately also the cleaning tools, such as the heliktoper nozzles.

Advantages Compressed air cleaning

Nozzles and hoses are basically all very small in size (a few millimeters).
As a result, cleaning (very) small channels also becomes an option for the cleaner.
Nozzles fit almost anywhere, and the smaller the channel, the more effective the cleaning.

In addition, a compressed air set always creates its own air flow, making the use of an external extraction unit often unnecessary. In some cases, however, it can be useful to have a general direction for the air.

When working professionally, with large compressors, with the right compressed air equipment large steps can be taken. Often an aggressive air whip in combination with a large air flow works very effectively against all kinds of pollution.

In practice, this equipment is mainly used to clean longer channels in one go. Take, for example, the main canal of an apartment complex. This goes from the ground floor to the roof. Mechanical cleaning is almost impossible for this purpose.

But a good compressed air set could certainly do that.

Disadvantages Compressed air cleaning

Often the equipment is a lot more expensive than normal mechanical equipment. For individuals or companies that regularly clean houses, flats, apartments etc., we advise to do it mechanically.

To work properly, a strong compressor is required, which can continue to provide continuous air. This avoids regular downtime during cleaning, as the compressor needs to have air again.

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