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Dust Extraction

Dust Extraction

Dust extraction is very important if you want to clean air ducts properly and effectively. Without an air flow, the loosened dirt and dust will not come out of the duct and cleaning will remain ineffective. That is why a good extraction unit is very impor
Dust Extraction

Why Dust Extraction?

When cleaning air ducts, it is important that there is an air flow in the ductwork. Any dust and dirt that you loosen will be sucked up by the unit.
This makes the cleaning effective and no dirt remains in the duct.

If you do not use suction, the dirt will remain in the duct and cleaning will no longer be of any use.

What kind of extraction do I need?

Every cleaning job is different, in general we have a number of flexible products, which can be used frequently:

  • Smaller ducts up to 150 millimetres (houses, apartments etc.)
    We recommend the GBPV-850 / TV1000 for this, these are small and compact extraction units that are very effective for smaller ducts. In addition, these are relatively inexpensive systems.
  • Larger channels in offices etc.
    For this we advise stronger extraction systems, for example the TV3000 or a Goodwave Ventilator. These are strong systems that ensure that there is more air flow during air duct cleaning.

Radial or Axial?

For air duct cleaning we always recommend radial fans, such as the Goodwave. These not only create a lot of air flow, but also a strong underpressure. This really pulls the loose dust and leaves a strong draught in the canal.

Axial fans, such as the TV3000, generally work very well to move large amounts of air. This can be useful for venting, or disinfecting ducts. These units also work very well for light dust pollution.

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