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Manual Cleaning

Manual Cleaning

Manual cleaners are easy to use, inexpensive and a great choice for beginners. Now clean your air ducts effectively at the best price. The system works easily and you can get started in no time!
Manual Cleaning

The Best Choice for Individuals

Private individuals who want to clean their air ducts once, do not look for expensive, complex solutions and systems. Something that is cheap, but above all convenient and easy to work with is often interesting.

Manual cleaning systems from Goodway Benelux offer exactly those possibilities.
Because these systems are mounted on a reel, working remains easy. In addition, they are very compact, so storing them is no problem.

Simply connect the brush to the reel and roll it out. By manually pulling the hose back and forth, the channel is cleaned. Again, the right excess plays an important role in this. (note: this is not a rotary cleaning)

Is this something for me?

If you want to clean the channels once, the manual cleaners can be a good choice. It's not the best equipment, but technically it's very interesting.

If, as a private individual, you would like to go for a higher quality cleaning of your air ducts, our experts advise you to go to Power Drill Solutions.

The ecoflex, for example, is a top hose that works easily and cleans a lot better.

DHM or Hand Sweeper (Red)?

The difference between a DHM and a hand sweeper reel is the size of the brushes that go on it and the range of products.

A DHM is really made for light soiling in small channels, hence the soft mini-liner brushes. It will not remove heavy soiling. Furthermore, the core of the reel, the hose itself, is relatively thin. Because of this it can sometimes be a bit more difficult to push forward.

The Hand Sweep Reel is a somewhat heavier version of the DHM. The brushes that fit on it are of a slightly larger size and offer a stronger cleaning effect. Also, the core of the reel, the hose itself, is a lot stronger. This makes it easier to push the hose forward.

Personal assistance

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