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Power Drill Solutions

Power Drill Solutions

Power Drill Solutions are flexible hoses in various lengths that are driven by a drill. When the drill rotates, the brush on the other side will also rotate. This allows you to clean an air duct quickly and easily.
Power Drill Solutions

The best choice

Power Drill shafts are the best choice when it comes to air duct cleaning. It's simple, relatively inexpensive and can be used daily.

Most professional cleaning companies use these power drill shafts to quickly and easily clean apartment complexes or smaller houses. Private individuals are also increasingly finding their way to these products.

The principle is simple; you connect a drill and connect the brush on the other side. Inside the mantle there is a flexible core that rotates. This will also cause the brush to rotate as soon as you turn on the drill. It's as simple as that.

Which diameters are suitable?

Power Drill Solutions can be used for channels from 50 millimeters up to 800 millimeters.

Ecoflex or FPDS?

At Goodway Benelux we use 2 types of power drill axles, the Ecoflex and the FPDS.
There are some big differences between the 2 axes, so you can choose which one is better for you.

  • Ecoflex:
  1. This is a cheap, easy and trusted way to clean channels. Simply screw on the threaded PDB brushes and you're ready to go.
  2. A real semi-professional hose made for both private and business customers.
    The price is also not very high for what you get in return, so this hose is very interesting.
  3. Very supple material, which makes bends easy to make.
  4. Thread connection, so you can only turn clockwise.
  5. Thin shaft with a thin core, which increases the risk of defects.
  6. You can only clean round channels with these brushes.
  • FPDS:
  1. High quality power drill hose, made for the professionals.
  2. With only 4 brushes you can clean channels from 100 to 800 millimetres!
  3. Flexible and strong material that makes it easy to turn corners.
  4. Both left and right rotation is possible through the socket connection.
  5. Brushes are very universal and can clean various types of channels (round, square, etc.).
  6. More expensive than the ecoflex.

Power Drill Packages

To save you a lot of searching and doubts, our experts have created product packages. It contains everything you need to clean your air ducts professionally. Think of an ecoflex shaft, vacuum fan, sealing caps and much more.

These sets save you not only time to search but also money! These packages have an advantageous combi deal price. This makes it even more attractive to choose a package.

Take a look at our runner, for example; ''professional air duct cleaning set''.

Of course we guarantee that the package contains everything you need.
It's so easy!