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Goodway Dust Extractor Fan
Dust Extractor Fan

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Dust Extractor Fan

Brand: Goodway
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The Dust Extractor Fan is light (8KG), inexpensive and works very effectively as a dust extraction system. Use it for air ducts or woodworking.

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Dust Extractor Fan

This fan is ideally suited to serve multiple industries. Especially within air duct cleaning, this system is most often used. Simply connect the fan to a central point and create underpressure in the duct to capture loose dust directly. Furthermore, the GBPV-850 is extremely light compared to other models on the market, where other models weigh +20 KG, this unit is only 8 KG light! This makes the system extremely handy and easy to move around. The most common applications for this fan areL

  • Air duct cleaning.
  • Woodworking.

Furthermore, this unit has a new type of engine which creates more power against less noise and vibrations. So in fact you have a more powerful but quieter engine at your disposal. It's nice if you work with it all day. Do you need a little more power, but do you want to stay light? Then maybe the TV3000 is something for you, check it out here* The Goodway Dust Extractor Fan is supplied excl. hose.

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Dust Extractor Fan + Suction hose 100 mm (for GBPV-850) + STZ-100 Dust bag for GBPV-850