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Goodway Flex Hub Tools
Flex Hub Tools

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Flex Hub Tools

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-227
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Goodway Flex Hub Tools are specially developed centrifugal cleaning tools. These can be used to remove heavy soiling inside pipes. With 4 tools you can clean tubes with a range of 13 - 102 millimeters.

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Introduction Flex Hub

Flex Hub tools are special centrifugal cleaning tools that adapt to the pipe diameter for an optimal cleaning effect. Because the 3 ''steel blades'' automatically adapt to the pipe, it is also minimal work for the contractor. Only select the correct flex hub for the pipe diameter. 

The Flex Hub tools are connected by means of a threaded connection to a heavy duty flexible shaft, which in turn is driven by a Goodway Tube Cleaning machine.

Advantages Flex Hubs

Flex Hubs work by means of the centrifugal effect. This allows them to adapt to any diameter pipe. The biggest advantage of this is that with only 4 tools a range of 13 to 102 millimeters can be cleaned!

This not only makes a huge saving in costs, but also for the performer. It does not have to change tools every time another installation has to be cleaned with larger or smaller pipes.

Specifications Flex Hub Tools

Type Flex Hub: Range Pipe Diameter I.D.:
GTC-225 13 - 25 millimeter I.D.
GTC-226 23 - 38 millimeter I.D.
GTC-231 38 - 51 millimeter I.D.
GTC-227 44 - 102 millimeter I.D.

Accessories / Accessories

Flex Hub Tools are fairly simple tools to use and maintain. The 3 ''knives'' will wear out and become blunt over time. Then it is advisable to replace these with new, sharp knives. These can easily be bought here. Or in the combideal on the right.

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Article number:GTC-227
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Plus points of this system:
Universal Tools - 4 types for range 13-102 mm
Centrifugal Operation - Simple
Perfect for Heavy Pollution
Perfect for e.g. boiler cleaning
Tool must not rotate outside the tube
Flex Hub Tools + Flex Hub Replacement Blades