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Goodway Flexible Shafts RAM-5 (Wet Cleaning)
Flexible Shafts RAM-5 (Wet Cleaning)

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Flexible Shafts RAM-5 (Wet Cleaning)

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GTC-703Q-25-R5
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These modified flexible shafts are specially made for the RAM-5 Tube Cleaning System with Speed-Feed. These shafts are longer and have a special stop, which prevents them from shooting out of the pipe. Can only be used in conjunction with the RAM-5.

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What is a Flexible Shaft (Wet Cleaning)?

With the Flexible Shafts (Wet Cleaning), you can wet clean virtually any pipe/pipe/duct from 7 to 25 millimetres. It is used in combination with a Tube Cleaning Machine and brushes, often to clean Heat Exchangers, Condensers, Chillers and other Coolers. The brush is guided rotating through the tube, and loosens the dirt through continuous contact with the tube. As the brush loosens the dirt, the water flows through the sheath into the pipe and the loosened dirt is drained away.

Here a short explanation video of the cleaning method, where you also see the blue flexible shaft in operation:

By means of a sturdy nylon mantle with a galvanized shaft on the inside, these shafts are the forerunner within the industry. The most important starting point when using the flexible shafts is to use the right shaft for the right pipe diameter (ID).

Some features of Goodway Flexible Axles:

  • Galvanized steel flexible core
  • Strong nylon jacket in the hose (durable)
  • Connection possible in Quick-Connect (quickly operational)
  • Only fit on the RAM-5 System with Speed-Feed.

Special axles for the RAM-5 System with Speed-Feed

These flexible shafts are different from the standard versions. This is because these axles have to pass through the Speed-Feed system of the RAM-5. This means they have to be longer and have a special stop. More information below:

  • The Speed-Feed system takes up more space to feed through the hose. So you have lost this length, and you can no longer use it to clean the pipe. That is why we always advise to select a 6.1 meter longer axis than the pipe. To bridge the length.

Practical example: You have a bundle of pipes of 5 meters. You also need about 2.5 meters from the machine to the bundle. Normally, you'd grab a 7.6 meter shaft. But because of the Speed-Feed system of the RAM-5, it still has to be 6.1 meters longer.

The flexible shaft you need must then be at least 13.7 metres. (6,1 + 7,6).

  • The flexible shafts have been given an automatic stop, which allows you to determine when the flexible shaft can no longer continue. The machine therefore stops forwards when the stop is reached. This gives you an immediate indication when the brush is on the other side of the pipe.

Personal Advice?

If you are looking for advice on a Tube Cleaning machine or project, you can always contact us via [email protected]or +31 (0)183 216 170. With the right information we can guide you in making the right choices!

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Article number:GTC-703Q-25-R5
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