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Speedclean Flowjet Coil Cleaning System
Flowjet Coil Cleaning System

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Flowjet Coil Cleaning System

Brand: Speedclean
Article number: FLOWJET-A-50
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The FlowJet system is an effective system for cleaning larger drycoolers and condensers. It is a smaller and cheaper model than the CC-400. Instead of 12 liters/minute this system gives 8.3 liters.

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The FlowJet ™ Coil Cleaner System.

The FlowJet ™ Coil Cleaner System is ideal for cleaning the larger cooling and heat technical installations. Think of: condensers (v-blocks), dry coolers, evaporators etc. With 30 BAR (low pressure) and 8.3 liters per minute, you have a powerful spray with lots of water. You literally rinse the entire system clean. The golden rule is therefore; the more water, therefore, the stronger the rinsing effect, the better the cleaning will be.

Cleaning condensers from both the inside and outside has always been a difficult task. Try to clean the inside of a V-block without removing the fans, almost impossible. With the FlowJet Spray Wand you can clean the block without having to do too much work. This saves a lot of time and work. The unit is also very flexible, so you can quickly take it everywhere you go.

Technical data.

  • 30 BAR Working pressure - 8.3 liters per minute.
  • 3.6 meter hose.
  • Lightweight and compact: 16 Kilograms.
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Article number: FLOWJET-A-50
Flowjet Coil Cleaning System + CoilShine Condenser Cleaning Agent (4x4 Liter) + Coil Cleaning Accessoire Kit +
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