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Goodway GVC-18000 Dry Steam Cleaner
GVC-18000 Dry Steam Cleaner

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GVC-18000 Dry Steam Cleaner

Brand: Goodway
Article number: GVC-18000-380V
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The GVC-18000 is a powerful dry steam cleaner equipped with 2 stainless steel boilers. These produce continuous steam, without down time. The GVC-18000 is the most commonly used steam cleaner from Goodway Benelux.

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Dry steam cleaning

The GVC-18000 is the most commonly used dry steam cleaner from Goodway Benelux. The device can be used in various industries, but is usually used in the food industry. Because the cleaner can produce dry steam, it is also possible to use this steamer for water-sensitive equipment. Furthermore, dry steam has the property that it is very effective against different types of deposits, bacteria, allergens, and more.

What is dry steam?

Dry steam is regular steam that has been super heated and delivers all the cleaning and sanitation power of steam but with much less moisture (adjustable 5%-15% moisture volume). Dry steam can be safely used in dry-clean environments or areas where wet cleaning is not recommended. Due to the high temperature of 145 degrees Celsius, it obliterates oils, dirt, allergens (like nuts and sesame seeds), and bacteria on contact. Dry steam has a number of major advantages compared to traditional cleaning techniques. Below is a summary of the main benefits:

  • Dry steam has a very low water consumption of approx. 26,5 liters per hour at the lowest setting (5% moisture volume). This makes it possible to clean water-sensitive equipment. In addition, very little residue is left behind.
  • Dry steam has a very effective cleaning effect and kills up to 99% of bacteria on contact. No (harmful) chemicals are required.
  • Dry steam is ideal to use for compact spaces and hard-to-reach deposits in cracks and crevices.


Goodway dry steam cleaners can be widely used in various industries. However, these are usually used in the food industry where water and chemicals must be saved as much as possible during cleaning shifts. Some examples of applications for dry steam cleaning:

  • Production system surface cleaning includes belts, packaging machinery, sorting systems, belt mechanisms, final part cleaning, and many other surfaces.
  • Removal of gross soils, oil, and for allergen control.
  • Also designed for use with Goodway conveyor belt cleaning systems for flat and module belting.

Specifications GVC-18000

  • Electrical power: 28 Amps, 380V - 50Hz (max. 18 kW - 3 phases).
  • Adjustable moisture content between 5-15%.
  • Water tank approx. 40 liters (fixed water connection is also possible).
  • 2x stainless steel boilers for continuous steam production (9 liters each).
  • Output steam pressure: 0-10 bar (0-145 PSI).
  • Output steam temperature: 145° Celsius (290°F).
  • Water consumption between 26,5 and 34 liters per hour (7-9 gallons/hour).
  • Dimensions: 105 x 70 x 110 centimeters (length x width x height).
  • Weight: 90 KG net dry (194 lbs).
  • CE certified.
  • Including various accessories such as lances, nozzles and PPE.

Moisture content

Goodway dry steam cleaners have a variable moisture volume setting between 5-15%. Below you will find exactly how much water is used per setting for the GVC-18000:

  • 5% = 26,5 liters per hour
  • 7% = 28,4 liters per hour
  • 9% = 30,3 liters per hour
  • 12% = 32,2 liters per hour
  • 15% = 34 liters per hour
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Article number:GVC-18000-380V
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