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GVC-72000 Dry Steam Cleaner
GVC-72000 Dry Steam Cleaner

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GVC-72000 Dry Steam Cleaner

Article number: GVC-72000
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The GVC-72000 is Goodway's heaviest dry steam system. Perfect for intensive cleaning and sanitization, designed for the toughest jobs. Can also be used in combination with an automatic conveyor belt cleaning system.

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The GVC-72000 dry steam cleaning system from Goodway is the most powerful unit available. This system is used for the largest (production) sites and for the most intensive cleaning possible. Because the system can deliver so much power, it is also possible to connect 2 hoses. This means that 2 operators can work simultaneously with the GVC-72000. This makes the effective lead time 2x higher than all other available units.

The GVC-72000 has 8(!) stainless steel boilers of 9 liters each. This makes it possible to continuously generate steam, so there is no need for a ''pause'' every so often to generate steam. This saves a lot of time. In addition, you do not need to depressurize the unit/boilers after cleaning, this happens automatically.

Furthermore, the steam unit produces a powerful superheated steam. The 2 biggest advantages of this are:

  • Superheated steam has a temperature of +- 140 degrees Celsius. As a result, viruses, bacteria, fungi and other contaminants are immediately removed. It is therefore not only a cleaning, but also a chemical-free sanitization.
  • Superheated steam has a very low moisture content, between 5 - 15%. This keeps water consumption low and virtually no water residue remains on the application after cleaning.

Specifications GVC-72000 

The GVC-72000 has some very strong specifications, below is a short list of all the necessary information about this unit.

  • Full stainless steel construction - longer lifetime and food safe.
  • 8x stainless steel boilers of 9 liters each - continuous steam output.
  • Adjustable humidity - choice between 5 and 15%.
  • If required, a chemical cleaning agent can also be injected.
  • Water tank of around 40 liters.
  • Power requirements: 86 Amps - max. 72 kW. (3 Phase)
  • Output pressure: 0 - 10 Bar. (0-145 PSI)
  • Output flow: 1000 liters per hour.
  • Output temperature: 140 degrees Celsius. (290°F)
  • Weight: 120 KG. (264 lbs)

Applications GVC-72000 

The GVC-72000 can be used for various applications. Typically, these dry steam units are used in factories and production sites where food products are also produced. This is often in combination with Goodway conveyor belt cleaning systems. Because the GVC-72000 has a constant steam output, it can also be used continuously. Usually this is during scheduled cleaning activities. 

Scope of delivery

When a GVC-72000 unit is delivered, it always comes with certain products. Below is a list, of which items you can expect.

  • GVC-72000 dry steam unit.
  • 2x 5 liter bottles for chemical injection.
  • 10 meters flexible hose incl. spray gun. (2nd hose is sold separately)
  • 2x spray lances - 50 and 100 centimeters. (+ 1x short distance nozzle)
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Article number:GVC-72000
Dimensions:61 x 100 x 72
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