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GWB Rental Solutions

GWB Rental Solutions

Goodway Benelux also offers the possibility to rent certain systems on a project basis. This way you can rent various equipment for a certain period of time, without having to buy it right away or being tied to anything.

Goodway Benelux - Rental Solutions

The equipment of Goodway Benelux is often used by users during planned maintenance stops of powerplants/refineries etc. Often these systems are used on a project basis. It is therefore not always the most efficient or smartest solution to purchase this equipment.

Therefore, you can also rent (certain) equipment from us on a project basis. We will send you certified, 100% working equipment that you can use for a certain period of time during the work at a certain rate. Once the work is completed, you can return it or we can collect it. This way you are not tied to anything and do not have to make any additional purchases.

How does renting work at Goodway Benelux?

This works very easy, first you need to know what you specifically need. You can easily do this by selecting one of the categories above and choosing the device that you need. On the category itself you will find more information about the scope of delivery, accessories and of course the prices.

Once you have found a system, you can order it through our webshop using the ''INVOICE'' payment method. Our specialists will then directly contact you to further discuss the rental order. In this way we can mutually determine what exactly the rental period will be and/or whether certain accessories must be included. In this way we ensure that you are fully equipped to start the project.

How soon will I have the rental equipment?

In principle, this can be within 24 hours, GWB Rental Solutions has an extensive rental fleet available. So there is always a system of your choice (immediately) available for your use.

How does billing/payment work?

Once you complete the order through our webshop using the payment method ''INVOICE'' your order is fixed, you do not have to pay yet. Of course you can also send us an e-mail with the equipment you want to rent. Based on the period, the equipment and the customer status we determine the payment options. Usually this is an invoice that is sent after the rental period. This can be sent on the basis of a purchase order or reference number from your company.

What are the requirements for renting?

GWB Rental Solutions does not set high requirements for the tenant. We always do this in consultation with the end customer. This way every party is well informed about the costs and expectations of each other. We do not work with complicated rental contracts, we just try to keep it as simple as possible.

I want to rent!

It is certainly possible! Perform the steps above or contact our customer service so that you can be further assisted.