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Leak Detection

Leak Detection

With the industrial vacuum leak detection equipment from Goodway Benelux it is possible to quickly and effectively identify leaks in tubes. By using vacuum, you can find a leak within seconds.

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Leak Detection - Rental Solutions

The VAC-1000 device provides easy and quick detection of leaks in tubes. The device can put a tube under vacuum in just a few seconds. After that, it is simply keeping an eye on the needle for a few seconds. Is there extra air coming in? Then there is a leak somewhere in the tube. Does the needle stay in the same position? Then the tube is OK.

The process is always for 2 people, since the tube must be closed on the other side. This can be done by using the T-handle. (Included in the package)

Benefits of Vacuum Leak Detection

  • 1 complete package with 4 type, tapered nozzles for a range of 6,3 to 76,2 millimeters.
  • 1 complete package in a compact case for easy transport.
  • Leak detection within seconds by vacuum.
  • Perfect for detecting leaks quickly and effectively.