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Goodway Hygienic Shoe Sealing System
Hygienic Shoe Sealing System

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Hygienic Shoe Sealing System

Brand: Goodway
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Immediately seal a pair of shoes within 10 seconds, without using loose disposables. This system is easy to use and can be used almost anywhere. Particularly effective in high-care environments such as hospitals.

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Introduction Hygienic Shoe Sealer

Current Situation.

In places where shoe soles have to be covered because of safety or hygienic conditions, this is often still done the old-fashioned way. People often have to manually put 2 special ''pockets'' around the shoes to cover them. The problem is that this often takes a long time and people have to bend down a lot. With older people, for example, this is not very nice, and sometimes not possible (hospitals, shelters). There is also a danger that people will come into contact with the soles of their shoes with their hands, which can cause a so-called cross-contamination (contamination is transferred to the hands).

The System.

With the Hygienic Shoe Cover System all this is avoided! By allowing this process to be carried out quickly and completely autonomously, people can save a lot of time and effort. Because this system ''seals'' your shoes within 2/3 seconds, you can continue at lightning speed. For example when visiting a company or hospital. For the rest, the system works very simply, fill the recyclable film in the machine, let it warm up a little and then you can lower the film within 3 to 5 seconds, after which you can place your shoes on the rest piece and have it sealed within 2/3 seconds. Within 10 seconds you will have both shoes completely hygienically sealed!

Where to use?

This system can be used anywhere where shoe soles need to be sealed. Some good examples are:

Hospitals. (care environments)
Swimming pools.
Laboratories. (a.o. Medicine)
Food Companies.

Specifications and benefits.

The biggest advantages of this system are that people can quickly seal their shoes and move on. In addition, the film is of high PVC quality and recyclable. With 1 roll you can seal 500 pairs of shoes!

Warm-up time: 120 seconds.
Film feeding: 3-5 seconds.
Seal time: 2-3 seconds. (Regardless of size)
Capacity: 500 pairs of shoes per roll. (regardless of size)
Easy 230 volt connection.
Energy consumption: 1300W.

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Hygienic Shoe Sealing System + Shoe Sealing Plastic Rolls